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7M TikTok Cult

10 Question Test (Is it Christian or New Age?)

1111 Sightings

5 Rhythms

7th Son of the 7th Son

A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles (Gets Glowing & Phony Do-Over by Press)

AA Meetings

AA Meetings (More Catholic Bashing)

Abortion (Satanic Roots)

Abortion (Woman Builds Altar to Abortion Pills)

Abortion Doulas

Access Consciousness


Acupressure Mats

Acupuncture (Study Reveals Fatal Flaw)

Acupuncture/Acupressure (Lacks Scientific Support)

Acupuncture (Not all acupuncture is really acupuncture)

Acupuncture (spiritual dangers)

Acupuncture (physical dangers)

Acupuncture Alternatives

Acupuncturists Who Channel Energy

Adrian Dominican Sisters

Adult Coloring Books

Advent Wreath  (Does it Have Pre-Christian Roots)


African Masks

Afterlife (Can Souls Get Stuck?)

Agenda 21

Agenda 21 (New Bill Incorporates Agenda 21)

Airrosti Rehab

Akashic Records


The Alchemist (by Paulo Cielho)

Alex and Ani Bracelets

What Happened to Alex and Ani Bracelets


Alexander Technique

Alien Abduction (Niara Isley story)

All is One


Altered States

Alternative Therapies (7 Reasons Why People Believe they Work)

Alternatives (Church Teaching on Why Catholics Can't Use to Treat Serious Illness)

Alternatives (Catholicism Demands that Our Blogs be Based in Sound Science)

Alternatives (Child Dies After Parents Try to Treat Cancer with Alternatives)

Alternatives (When Catholic Sources Say it's Okay)

Alternatives (9 Ways to Determine if Safe for Christians)

Alternative Diet Results in Baby's Death

Alternatives (How Are They Connected to the New Age?)

Alternatives (Distinguishing Good Medicine from Quackery)

Alternatives (Purveyor of Alternative Cancer Cure Gets 14 Years)

Alternatives (Used by terminally ill)

Alternative Medicine (when it goes wrong)

Ama Deus Healing

Amber Teething Necklaces

Ambrotrose (Glyconutrients)

Amen, Dr. Daniel

Amma, the Hugging Saint

Amorth, Fr. Gabriele (dies at 91)

Amulets (worn by Meghan Markle)



Anam Cara (Life Coaching)

Ancestral Healing

Angel Boards

Angel Guardians (Should we Name Them?)

Angels in My Hair  (Lorna Byrne)

Angels All Around Us (is a biblically sound book)

Angels (The Gift)

Angel Feathers

Five Angels Scheme (Help, I feel for it!)

Angels (Beware of Phony St. Michaels)

Angel Readers

Angels (Rogue)

Angel Intuitives

Angels (according to Kevin Basconi)

Angel Numbers

Angel vs. Spirit Guide

Anglin, Eileen (angels)


Anne, the Lay Apostle

Anthroposophy and Waldorf

Apparitions (Why Church approval is so important)

Apple Cider Vinegar

Applied Kinesiology (See Muscle Testing)

Arnica Montana

Archangel Jophiel


Aromatherapy (What's so New Age About It?)

Aroma Touch

Artificial Intellligence

Ascended Master

Ascension Symptoms

Ashes of Loved Ones (stored in jewelry)

Ashutosh Maharaji

Ashwaghanda Supplements

ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response)

Astral Travel


Astrology (Do Planets Effect Humans?)

Astrology (Solar Return theory)

Astrology (Why were Magi Allowed to Use?)

Astrologers Try to Predict Election

Astrology (How Astrologists Sell Us the Stars)

Asyra Machines

Athletic Company Sells "chi" to Customers


Attitudinal Healing (connected to A Course in Miracles)


Auricular Medicine (Quackery on Steroids)

Autobiography of a Yogi

Automatic Writing (Vassula Ryden)

Automatic Writing vs. Saint's messages)


Ayahuaska Retreats

More Ayahuaska horror stories

Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurvedic Medicine (Is it Scientifically Proven?)

Aztec Calendar Bracelets

Aztec Affirmations in Schools

Aztec Dancing

Baba Vanga

Bach Flower Remedies

Bakugan - Bakugan, Star Wars and the Occult

Barker, Cicely Mary

Barnes, John F. (Myofascial Release Therapy)

Barrett, Stephen

Basconi, Kevin 

Beattie, Melody

Belly Button Healing

Belly Button (Castor Oil) 

Belly Dancing - Is Belly Dancing New Age?

Belly Dancing - Belly Dancer Weighs In

Bentonite Clay

Berg, Dr. Eric

Beth Moore Scripture Studies



Bharata Natyam

Bible (Where's That in the Bible?)

Bible (How to Dispose of)

Bible Roulette

Biblical Gemstones (Do they have healing power?)

Big Pharma Conspiracy Theory

Binaural Beats


Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.)


Bio-Meridian Testing

Bio-Meridian Scanners


Bioresonance Devices

Biospiritual Focusing

Birth Order Theory


Black-Eyed People

Black Magic (Suspected in Bizarre Outbreak in Trinidad School)

Black Mass (in Ottawa)

Black Salve

Black Star

Blatty, William (Exorcist author dies)

Blessed Objects (How to Dispose of)

Blessing Beads

Blessing the Home

Block Therapy

Blogs (Are Our Blogs Judgmental or Factual?)

Blood Type (Does it Determine Personality?)

Blue Domer

Blue Rooms

Body Clock 

Body Piercing - Tatoos and Body Piercing

Body Scan Meditation


Body Vibes

Bones (Divination by Throwing the Bones)

Borysenko, Joan


Bowen Therapy

Braden, Gregg

Brain Gym (Minds in Motion)


Brainwave Entrainment (EquiSync)

BrainPOP Promotes Paganism 

Brain Rewiring


Bridge to Terabithia

Brown, Brene

Brown, Rebecca M.D. (He Came to Set the Captives Free)

Browne, Sylvia (dies at age 77)

Buddha Statues (Can Catholics Display in Home?)

Buddhism (Can a Christian practice?)

Buddhist Meditation Techniques

Buddhist vs. Christian Mystical Tradition


Bubble Goth

Buddhist Meditation (Can it harm the faithful?)

Bundy, Ted (Strange Happenings in His House)

Buteyko Breathing


Byron Katie

Campbell, Steven (Making Your Mind Magnificent)

Cameron, Julia

Canfield, Jack (Chicken Soup for the Soul)

Cannabidiol Oil

Cancer Care Centers (Fr. John Valdaris)

Candle Magic


Caritas of Birmingham

Casey, Karen

Castle, Father Nathan

Catharsis on the Mall 


Catholic Coloring Books (for adults)

Catholic Contemplative Tradition

Catholic Therapist Sees Dead People

Catholic Women Preach

Catholic Writers (who cause scandal)

Cayce, Edgar

Cefaly Migraine Headband

Celery Juice Fad

Cesium Chloride

Centering Prayer (vs. Authentic Christian Contemplation)

Centering Prayer (and John Michael Talbot)

Centering Prayer (Fr. Keating Controversy)

Centering Prayer (St. Teresa of Avila and The Cloud of Unknowing)

Centering Prayer (Dangers of Teaching to Children)

Centering Prayer (Is It Catholic?)

Chainani, Soman (School of Good and Evil)

Chair Massage

Chakra Therapy

Chaplet of Protection

Charcoal Tablets

Charlie Charlie Game (Blamed for Bizarre Seizures)

Charm Bracelets

Charmed TV series


Charmazing Bracelets

Chek, Paul

Chi (No Scientific Proof of God or chi - what's the difference?)

Chicken Soup for the Soul

Chi Kung

Child Sacrifice T-shirts (selling on eBay)

Childrens Book of Demons

Chi Machines

Chime Travelers Books

Chinese Knots

Chinese Spoon Massage

Chiromancy (Palm reading)


Chiropractor (Playboy model dies after visit)

Chiropractics (Does Vatican Consider to be New Age?)

Chittister, Sister Joan

Chokti beads

Choquette, Sonia 

Church Grim (legend of)

Christian Psychic?

Christian Science

Christian Writers Who Mix Eastern and Western Philosophies

Christian Therapists (What to do When Christian Therapists Display Yin Yang Symbols and Zen Gardens)

Christian vs. Buddhism Mystical Traditions

Dangers of Mixing Christian and Non-Christian Worship

Christmas and Easter NOT founded in Paganism  

Christmas - (Was Christmas Ever a Pagan Feast)

Christmas - (Does Holly Come from the Druids?)

Christmas - (Does the Bible Condemn Christmas Trees?)

Christmas - (Does Advent Wreath Have Pre-Christian Roots?)

CieAura - Holograhic Chips

Claddagh Rings

Clairvoyant (Can a Christian be Clairvoyant?)

Class Dojo

Cleanses & Detoxes

Cleansing Diets Associated with Scientology

Cleansing Ritual (School sued)

Clement, Brian

Cloud of Unknowing

Colafrancesco, Terry

Coconut Oil (Much Ado About Nothing)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Colbert, Dr. Don (The Bible Cure)

Colhoun, Fr. Roland (speaks out on yoga dangers)


Color Runs


Color Therapy

Communion of Saints (and the New Age)

Compass Therapy

Complementary & Alternative Medicine (Understanding the Difference)

Conscious AutoSuggestion

Conscious Breathing

Conscious Conversation 

Conscious Uncoupling (New Age Divorce)

Conversations with God - Neale Donald Walsch and Conversations with God

Core Synchronization Therapy

Coronavirus (phony cures)

Course in Miracles

Course of Love

Covey, Stephen ("7 Habits of Highly Effective People")

COVID-19 Scams

Cranial Electrical Stimulation

Cranialsacral Therapy

Cranial Osteopathy


Crystal Balls (vs. Garden Gazing Balls)

Crystal Balls (are never just harmless fun)

Crystal Jewelry (Is it okay to wear?)

Crystal Skulls

Crystal Therapy (dangers of)

Cuban Healer (Uses Machete to Heal)

Cult Leader Charged with Rape

Cult - Could you be Swept into a Cult?

Cult - How to Spot a Cult

Cult - (Workers Fired for Not Attending Scientology Classes)


Cupping (and Michael Phelps)

Curses (Part 1)

Curses (Part 2)

Cursing (Does it Attract the Devil?)

Curses (Generational)

Cursillo Movement

Curves (and yoga)

D'Arcy, Paula

Da Faria, Joao Texiera (John of God)

Daith Piercing

Daniel Diet

Day, Dr. Lorraine

Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead Barbie Doll

Death Positive Movement

De Chardin, Pierre Tielhard

Del Ray, Lana (places hex on Trump)

DeMello Anthony, S.J. - The Questionable Opinions of Anthony DeMello, S.J.

Demon that targets families

Demons (Can they send text messages)

Demonic Infestations

Demonic Infestations (And the Unchurched)

Demonic Possession (more common than we think?)

Demonic Possession (Psychiatrist warns about)

Desai, Panache

Devil (Extraordinary Manifestations)

Devil (What he thinks of your intentions)

Devil (Is Pope Francis Obsessed With?)

Devil (admits fear of Rosary)

Devil (can he heal?)

Devil (doesn't care about your intentions)

Devil (Pope: Never Dialogue with the Devil)

Devil (Can he read our minds?)

Devil and Father Amorth (film trrailer released)

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Dietary Enzymes

Dieting (as a religion)

Discerning Spiritual Techniques and Therapies

Discerning Manifestations

Disney (Magic Sorcerer Cards)

Dismantling "The Shack"

DNA Activation

Doctors who incorporate New Age into practice


Dog Whisperer

doTERRA (and essential oil quality)

Dougherty, Ned (and Near Death Experiences)


Downey, Roma

Dowsers (California Uses to End Drought)

Dowsing (Water-Witching)

Dowsing with a Rosary



Dreams (when they become obsessive)

Dry Needling vs. Acupuncture


Drumming Circles


Dumbed Down Christianity (Blamed for Ushering In New Age)

Dungeons and Dragons

Dunning, Jo

Dyer, Wayne Dr

Dyer, Wayne Dr. (dies at 75)

Dystopian fantasy novels

Easter Egg Decorating (Origins)

Eastern Meditation (When it Goes Wrong)

Earth Charter

Ear Candling

Earth Hour

Earthing Bands

Earth Shoes (Kalso)

Easy World (= New Age La La Land)

Earth Worship (Is the UN Leading Us Into?)

EAV Machines

Echeverry, Jess (Testimony on leaving New Age)

Eclipse (New Twilight Movie) See also Twilight

Eclipse, Apocalypse & Book of Revelation (end of world theory)

Eckankar (Survivor Speaks Out)

Eckhart, Meister

Ecstatic Dancing

EDM (Electronic Dance Music)

Eden, Donna

Edward, John (Catholic Psychic Says Afterworld is Bipartisan)

Edward, Mark (Admits Conning Clients)

Egoscue Method

Egyptian Statue Turns Itself

Eilish, Billie

Eker, T. Harv 

Electro Convulsive Therapy (Shock Therapy)

Electro-therapeutic Point Stimulation Therapy (ETPS)

Elise, Tracy (Phoenix Goddess Temple)

Email Prayer Chains

Embraced by the Light (Betty Eadie)

EMDR Therapy 

EMF Protection Devices

Emile Coue

Emotional Energy (contained in organs?)

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Emotional Freedom Technique (Has it been proven?)

Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)

Dr. Emoto (Water Awareness)

End Times Prophecies

Energetic Radiance Technique (aka Real Reiki)

Energy Medicine

Energy - can you broadcast?

Energy - 9 year old girl proves energy fields don't exist

Energy - can you send "positive energy" to people?

Energy Adjustments

Energy Clearings

Energy Pendant (Woman Reports Bizarre Side Effects While Wearing)

Energy Profiling (Carol Tuttle)

Energy Force (Why Can't we Refer to God as an Energy Force?)


Enneagram (Did Pope Francis approve?)

Enneagram (US Bishops 2000 Draft Document Condemning Enneagram)

Enneagram (in parishes)

Enneagram (Reinventing with Alleged Christian Roots?

Environmentalism & the New Age

Epigenetic Supplements

Equine Guided Enlightenment

EquiSync (Brainwave Entrainment)


Esoteric Christianity

Essential Oils (Good Samaritan Oil Used for COVID)

Essential Oils (Young Living Warned by FDA)

Essential Oils (Linked to Breast Development in Boys)

Essential Oils (Link to Witchcraft)

Essential Oils and the Occult

Essential Oil Quality

Essential Oil Vaping (Is it Safe?)

Essential Oils (Used in Biblical Times?)

Essential Oils (increase in child poisoning)

Essential Oils (blamed for child's death)

Essential Oils (child dies after parents try to treat cancer with frankincense)


Etsy Bans Sale of Spells

Evil Eye

Evil Eye (treatment suspected in baby's death)

Evoking vs. Invoking the Dead


Exorcism App (for priests and laity)

Exorcist Hotline

Exorcists Against Satan (Book)

Exorcists Witness to Mary's Power Against Demons

Exorcism Magazine (launched in Poland)

Exorcism (Demand Spawns Private Exorcism Business)

Exorcism (Wm. Friedkin films live exorcism)

Exorcism (Priest Exorcises Home of Olivia Newton John)

Exorcist Author Dies

Exorcist (Irish Exorcist Calls for Help)

Exorcists Needed in Philippines

Exorcism Goes Mainstream

Exorcisms on Internet are Useless

Exorcists (Church Responds to Increasing Need of)

Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP)

Extra-Sensory Perception (Don't we all have it?)

Eye of Medusa bracelet

Facebook Quizzes

Facebook Gets Spiritual

Faith Healers


Fairies (Belief on the rise)

Fairies (Irish Fairy Door Company)

Fallon, Sally (Westin Price Foundation)

False Gods (Worshiping by practicing yoga, reflexology, pilates)

False Prophets

Falun Gong/Falun Dafa

Family Constellation Therapy

Fantasy (Difference between Christian and Occult-based)

Farmer's Almanac

Feldenkrais Method

Feng Shui

Feng Shui in the Classroom?

Fire Fairy Prank

Finley, Guy

Five Agreements

Five Finger Prayer

Five Love Languages

Five Tibetan Rites

Flame Meditation

Flat Earthers


Flotation Therapy


Foot Detoxes

Ford, Debbie

Former New Ager Breaks Free


Fortune Cookies

Fortune Telling (Pope Calls it "Security of the Stupid")

Fortune Telling (with regular playing cards)

Fox, Meghan (psychic abilities?)

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

Freemasonry (Vatican Reaffirms Condemnation)

Frequency Specific Microcurrent

Friends of Medjugoje (Bozika Bartuluca)

Functional Medicine

Gaia - Worshiping at the Temple of Gaia

Gaia Cards

Gallagher, Christina

Gamaliel Foundation

Game of Thrones

Garcinia Cambogia (Dr. Oz sued for promoting)

Generational Curses

Geopathic Stress

German New Medicine

Germaine, St.

Gertrude of Nivelles (Patron Saint of Cats)

Gestalt Therapy


Ghosts (the Physics of Ghosts)

Ghost Sightings

Ghost Story (Thanksgiving)

Ghost (Woman wants to start family with a ghost)

Ghost (of Susan Powell)

Ghost Shows (are they okay to watch?)

Ghosts (is there such thing as a friendly ghost?)

Ghostly Images (on baby monitors)

Gibran, Kahlil

Gibson, Belle (fakes "natural cure")

Giglio, Pastor Louis (and Laminin)

Glastonbury Water

Global Information Network

Glyconutrients (see Ambrotrose)

God (as an Energy Force?)

"God Calling" is occultic

"God Calling" (Reader Disturbed by Book)

Goddess - Who is Sophia?

Goddess - Worshiping at the Temple of Gaia

Goddess - UN Opens with Prayer to Mayan Goddess

Godly Play

Gold dust (appearing at prayer meetings)

Goldie Hawn (Pushing TM and Buddhism in Public Schools)

Good Samaritan Oil 

Goop Blog Fined

Gong Bath

Good Witch Series

Goop Website (exploits women)

Goosebumps Series

Goosebumps 2 Movie

Goth Subculture

Goth Teens (more likely to self-harm)

Grace Mercy Order

Graf Wellness Services

The Grail

Grant, Coral & Gary (lifecoaches accused of running Ponzi scheme)

Graphology (vs. handwriting analysis)

Grave Soaking

Green Cross

Green Scapular

Gregorian Chant

Grinch (2018 Christmas Movie)


Grout, Pam

Gua Sha

Guatemalen Worry Dolls

Guatemalen Worry Dolls ( Teachers Introduce to Children)

Guerrero, Alejandro/Alex

Guided Imagery and Visualization



Hall, Sarah

Hallow App


Halloween (How the Occult is Infiltrating Children's Lives)

Halloween (Bishop Gives Good Advice)

Halloween (Don't Celebrate Hell on Halloween)

Hamsa Hand

Hancock, Maureen


Handwriting Analysis vs. Graphology

The Harbinger

Hare Krishna

Harry Potter

Harry Potter Fans Decimate Indian Owl Population

Harry Potter Strikes Again

Haunted Dorm Room

Haunted Governor's Mansion

Haunted Homes Hotline 

Haunted Mirror

Havening Technique


Hay,  Louise

Hazeldon (Thoughts for the Day)

HCG Weight Loss Products

He Shou Wu


Healers (New Age)

Healing Code

Healing of Families (Fr. Ssemakula to correct book errors)

Healing Rooms

Healing Techniques (New Age - Church teaching on)

Health Care Fraud (Six Ways to Spot)

Health Food Fanatic (charged with starving infant son)

HealthScope Scan



Hello Kitty

Hemp seeds

Henna Tattoos

Herbalife (Pays $200 Million for Deceiving Distributors)

Herbal Magic

Herbal Medicine vs. Herbalism

Herbal Medicines (safety precautions)

Herbal Supplements (not recommended for use)

Herbal Weight Loss Supplements (beware of)

Herbs (and Vitamins)

Hershey, Terry

Hexing (Planned Parenthood Profits from Hexing of Kavanaugh)

Hexing (School encourages students to hex opponents)

Hicks, Jerry and Esther (Law of Attraction)

Hildegard, St. (hijacked by New Agers)


Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps

Hindu Indoctrination (Pupils Sue School)

Hocus Pocus 2 (Disney movie)

Holistic Healthcare

Holistic Vets

Holographic Chips

Holotropic Breathwork

Holy Laughter

Holy Love

Holy Water vs. Saging

Holy Yoga (Reader not impressed with Holy Yoga)

Home (Cleansing and Blessing)


Homeopathy (Why is it New Age?)

Homeopathy & Herbal Drugs Leads to Child's Death

Homeopathy (Major Vet Study Proves Homeopathy is Quackery)

Homeopathic Overdose Campaign (Proves Homeopathy Drugs are Worthless)

Homeopathic Weight Loss Products (FDA Warnings)

Homeopathy (Beware of Alleged Papal Approval of Homeopathy)

Homeopathy (FDA cracks down)

Homeopathy (Different from Natural Remedies)

Homeopathy (Constitutional)

Homeopathy (Divined from Spirits?)

Homeopathy (Large Study Debunks)

Homeopathy (Study says it puts people at risk)

Homeopathy (alleged papal approval)

Homeopathic Teething Treatment (FDA Warning)

Homeopathy (FDA Cracks Down on Industry)

Horn, Tom

Horoscopes (Can Give You a Bad Attitude!)

Horoscopes 2014

Hospitals and New Age

Hot Coals (walking on)

Hot Stone Massage

House of Anubis

House of God's Light Prayer Groups

Howling at the Moon

Human Composting

Human Potential Movement - Why Catholics Don't Believe We're All Divine

Human Potential Movement - Secret Scrolls (Rhonda Byrne)

Human Potential Movement-Synchronicity

Human Potential Movement - Home Enlightenment Program

Human Potential Movement - Landmark

Human Potential Movement - Silva Mind Control

Human Potential Movement - What's Wrong with the "7 Habits of Highly Effective People"?

Human Potential Movement - New Age Seminar Blamed for Woman's Death

Human Potential Movement - What Makes a Motivational Speaker New Age?

Hypnosis - Hypnosis and Hypnobirthing

Hypnosis - Is it Safe for Children?

Hypnosis - Can Catholics Use Hypnosis?

Hypnosis - (Exotic Dancers Trained to Use on Clients)

Hypnotherapists (What You Need to Know Before Choosing)

Hypnotist (Was Hypnotist/Principal Responsible for Student's Death?)

Hypnotist (Was Jesus a Hypnotist?)

"I Am" Teachings


Ignatian Yoga

Incarnational Healing

Incense (Use during prayer)

Indigo Child

Infrared Wands

Inner Child

Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research

Integrative Manual Therapy

Intentions (What the devil thinks of your intentions)

International House of Prayer


Intuitives (Medical - Carolyn Myss)

Intuitive Counselors (Surge in Use of)

Invoking vs. Evoking the Dead

iRenew Bands

iRest Meditation


Irish Fairy Door Company

Isley, Niara (Abducted by Aliens?)

Isometrics vs. Yoga

Italian Horn

iTunes Scam

iWater/Intelligent Water

Iyengar, B.K.S. (Dies Age 95)

Jabez, Prayer of


Jappa Meditation

Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything

Jesus Calling (by Sarah Young)

Jesus Calling (Book purged of all references to God Calling)

Jesus Calling (Catholic alternatives to)

Jesus Calling Controversy in a Nutshell

Jesus and Mary Cult

Jewelry (New Age & Occult-based)

Jin Shin Jyutsu

Jobs, Steve (What Role Did Alternatives Play in Death?)

Jobs, Steve (New Book Reveals Use of Psychics, Acupuncture, Bowel Cleansings to Cure Cancer)


John of God

John of God (Falls from Grace)

Johnston, Charlie

Johnston, Charlie (Archdiocesan statement)

Jophiel (Archangel)

Judgmental (Are Our Blogs Judgmental or Factual?)


Jung, Karl

Kabat-Zinn, Jon (Using Buddhist Meditation Techniques)


Kaduri, Rabbi

Kahn, Matt

Kama Sutra

Kane Chronicles

Kangaroo Care

Kangen Water

Karate - Kyokushin Karate

Karate Kid


Keating, Father Thomas 

Keen Website

Kenpo (Karate)

Kerr, Kat

Kimbaleh Necklaces


King Tut (curse was a colossal myth)

Kirlian Photography

Kneemiller, Fr. Bill 

Knight, J.Z. (caught in vicious anti-Catholic rant)

Kombucha Tea

KonMari Method (Marie Kondo, Lifesaving Magic of Tidying Up)

Kratom Supplement (FDA to ban)

Krav Maga


Kubler-Ross, Dr. Elizabeth

Kundalini (Awakening)

Labyrinth - Should you walk a labyrinth?

Labyrinth - Ragas and Labyrinths at a Bible Study

Lalaloopsy Dolls (vs. Voodoo Dolls)


Laminin (Pastor Louis Giglio)

Landmark, Dangers of

Lane, Jillian (Michael Jackson's Psychic) Dies

Language of Light (Shekina Rose)

Lastics (yoga-free exercise)

Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction (Jerry & Esther Hicks)

Lawson, Johnnie

Laying on of Hands (Different from Energy Healing)

Leary, John

Legend of Chima

Leaf, Caroline

Lemurian Cards

Levitation (Is Childrens' Game Harmless?)

Life Alignment

Life Bracelets

Life Coaching

Life Coaching - Anam Cara

Life Lessons (Oprah Winfrey's)

LifeLine Technique

Life Vessel

LiveWave Patches

Lightning Thief

Light Therapy (Dream Analysis Cult)



Lime Hack

Linen Frequency

Linus, Pauling

Lions Clubs

Lipa Apparitions

Little Demon Cartoon Series (Disney)

Little Rock Scripture Study

Live Blood Cell Analysis

Lokai Bracelets

Lomi Lomi Massage

Long, Gavin (Baton Route shooter's New Age beliefs)

Long Island Medium (TLC show)

Long Island Medium (Tarnished Star)

Long Island Medium (But She Says She's Catholic!)

Long Island Haunting (Is it Really Over?)

Lozano, Neil

Lucado, Max

Lucid Dreaming

Lucifer (TV Series)


Lunar Living

Lunar Lunacy

Lyme Disease (& the mark of the devil)

Lymphatic Massage

Macbeth Curse

MacLaine, Shirley (new book sparks outrage)

MacNutt, Francis



Magi (used astrology?)

Magic Eight Ball

Magick -  Wicked Magic

Magick - Magic Kits for Children

Magic Related Products (banned from eBay)

Magic: The Gathering

Magic: The Gathering (player murdered for card collection)

Magic, Red

Magic School Bus Series

Magic Tree House

Magic Tree House and Yoga in Schools

Magnet Therapy

Main, John (Meditation Techniques)

Mala Beads

Mama Medium



Manquehue Apostolic Movement

Maria Divine Mercy

Marian Movement of Priests

Martial Arts - Good Christian Family Time?

Martial Arts - Kyokushin Karate

Martial Arts - Karate and Martial Arts

Mary (Defender against demons)

Mary Poppins

Masonic Jewelry

Masonry & Ancestral Sins

Massage Therapy (Field Riddled with Quackery)

Massage Therapy (New Age Energy-Free Methods)

Massaging Trigger Points

Massively Multi-Player Online Video Games

Mastermind Groups

Maximized Living Chiropractics

Maxiumum Ride book series

Maze Runner

McKenna, Paul

McNutt, Francis

Medical Mediums

Medicine Wheels (Can we use in Church?)

Meditation Apps (The Dark Side of)

Meditation Risks

Meditation (Buddhist - can it harm the faithful?)

Medium (Help! My Mom is a Medium!)

Medium's Prayer of Protection

Medium (Claims her gift is from God)

Mediums (Bishop Barres Warns Against)

Meditation (Eastern vs. Christian)

Meditation Retreat (blamed for Woman's death)

Meditation Risks

Meditation Gimmicks

Meditative Forest Bathing

Mental Schizophrenia (and Psychic Disturbances)

What is a Mentalist?

Mercola, Dr. Joseph

Meridian Stress Testing (EAV Machines)

Merritt, Sydney Ann

Merton, Thomas

Metaphor Training


Metaphysical Schools


Mexican Playing Cards

Meyer, Joyce

Migun Jade Thermal Massage Beds

Millennial Method

Mind Blanking and Mental Prayer are Not Synonimous

Mind Blanking Prayer (Dangerous for Children)

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness & New Age practices (Does it make us snooty?)

Mindfulness (Media Promotes Mindfulness/Yoga in Schools)

Mindfulness (Do we Need Mindfulness to be Mindful?)

Mindfulness Meditation (Should Catholics Practice? VIDEO Dan Burke)

Mindfulness (Spanish Bishops Statement)

The Mindful Catholic (What's Missing?)

Mindfulness, Dangers of (Reader testimony)

Mindfulness (in therapy - is that all there is?)

Mindfulness (Catholic Therapist Quits)

Mindfulness (Can Catholics Practice?)

Mindfulness (can it be secularized?)

Mindfulness (Is it a spiritual practice?)

Mindfulness Meditation vs. the Sacrament of the Present Moment

Mindfulness Meditation (the down side)

Mindfulness Meditation (can trigger depression)

Mindfulness (Lawyers Challenge Mindfulness in Public Schools)

Mindfulness (Is Mindfulness Training Coming to Your Child's School?)

Minds in Motion (Brain Gym)

Mindvalley Academy


Mindcraft (Connection to Slenderman)

Minecraft (Momo Suicide App appearing in Minecraft)

Miraculous Medals 

Miraculous Pajamas

Missa Gaia

Millman, Dan

MindValley Academy

MMS (miracle drug)

Modern Mystery Schools

Moles (Can They Predict Future?)

Monster Energy Drinks

Monster High Dolls

Montessori, Maria (Was she a theosophist?)

Mood Rings

Morse, Melvin (New Age near-death pioneer arrrested for child abuse)

Most Holy Family Monastery

Moving Meditation


Multi-Level Marketing

Muscle Testing 

Music (New Age and Satanic)

Music Conspiracy (432 vs. 440 hz)

Myers, Joyce

Myofascial Release Therapy

Myokinesthetic Massage

Myss, Carolyn

NAET (Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Therapy)

Namaste Bow

Native American Spirituality (Controversy surrounding Tucson blessing)

Natal Chart

Naturopath on trial for man's death


Naturopath (arrested for posing as doctor)

Native American Spirituality - Inside the Sweat Lodge of James Ray

Native American Symbols

Natural Cures vs. Western Medicine

Near Death Experiences

Near Death Experiences (Hellish)

Near DeathExperiences: Why Does Our Life Flash Before Our Eyes?

Near Death Experiences - Embraced by the Light 

Near Death Experiences - Toddler Describes Near Death Experience

Near Death Experiences - Ned Dougherty 

Near Death Experiences - Senator Mark Kirk has Near Death Experience

Near Death Experiences - New Scientific Study Confirms

Near Death Experiences - Alex Malarkey recants story

Near Death  Experiences - Science proves 

Near Death Experiences - Neurosurgeon's Near Death Experience

Necromancy (Catholic Psychic Says Afterworld is Bipartisan)

Necromancy (Long Island Medium Glorifying Necromancy)

Nefarious (Movie)

Negative/Positive Energies (do people give off?)

Nelson, Dr. Bradley (Emotion/Body Code)

Nemeh, Dr. Issam

Neo Catechumenal Way


Neti Pots (Nasal Irrigation)

Network Spinal Analysis

Neuroemotional Technique (NET)


Neurolinguistic Programming

Neuroscience of Music

New Age Definition

New Age (Former New Ager Testimony)

New Age (Fueled by Diversity and Consumerism)

New Age (Are We Making too Big a Deal Out of It?)

New Age Healing Techniques (9 Ways to Spot)

New Age Mission Creep (How to Get it Out of Hospitals)

New Age & the Absence of Truth

New Age "Navel Gazing"

New Age Rosaries

New Age Therapists

New Age Thought Control Disguised as Neuroscience

New Age (former New Ager testimony)

New Age (What Makes a New Ager Tick?)

New Age (Can an Employer Force You to Practice?)

New Age (New Age Guru Runs for Office)

New Age (former New Age Dabbler Speaks Out)

New Age Healing Techniques (Can Catholics use?)

New Age (Woman Shuns - Testimony)

New Cosmology

Newberry, Tommy


Nightingale, Earl (The Strangest Secret)

Nikken Magnets

Nikken Products

Noni Juice

Northrup, Christiane, M.D.


Nouwen, Henri


NUCCA Chiropractics



Numerology (1111 Sightings)

Nutri Energetics


Objects (Can they be cursed?)

Occult (danger of being houses where practiced)

Occult-Based Farming

Occult Activity Becoming Pastoral Emergency

Occult Fiction in Catholic Schools

Occult (dangers of dabbling)

Occult (how to find a priest who understands)

Occult (Breaking Demonic Bonds)

Occult (What it is, How it Manifests, and Who's Behind it)

Occult - Bakugan, Star Wars and the Occult

Occult- Ritual Sacrifice of Children on Rise in Uganda

Occult - Mary Poppins

Occult Objects Kimbaleh Necklaces and New Age/Occult Objects

Occult Psychologists

Occult New Age and Politics

Oil Pulling

Okabashi Sandals & Reflexology

O'Murchu, Father Diaumid

Oneness Movement

Onionhead (Employer Sued for Forcing Employees to Practice)

Oprah (Is she still Christian?)

Opus Dei

Order of Exorcists

Order of Exorcists (Reader Tells of Horrible Experience with)

Oregano Oil Capsules

Oriental Rugs



Orthomolecular medicine

Osteen, Joel

Ouija Boards (Boycott Hasbro's Pink Ouija Board for Girls)

Ouija Boards (Dark History)

Ouija (Barbie)

Ouija Board to Contact Jesus?

Ouija Board phone app

Ouija Horror Stories

Ouija (New Movie)

Owl House (Disney show)

Owl House (Ex Witch Warns About Show)

Owls (superstitions surrounding)

Oz, Dr. Mehmet (ties to Reiki and Swedenborgianism)

Oz, Dr. Mehmet (Mass Hypnosis)

Oz, Dr. Mehmet (grilled by Congress)

Oz, Dr. Mehmet (fellow physicians want him to resign)

Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy (Can it cure AIDS)

P90X Exercise System (Contains Yoga and Kenpo)


Padre Pio (Did He Predict 3 Days of Darkness?)

Pagan Funerals

Pagan gods (are they demons?)

Palm Reading (Chiromancy)

Palmarian Church

Palo Santo Sticks

Past Life Experiences in Children

Pauline (Occult-based Disney series)

Prevalence of Paranormal Activity in the Home

Peace Circles

Peace Symbol

Peale, Norman Vincent

Pendulums (to predict a baby's sex)

Pennsylvania Dutch POW WOW

PENS (Acupuncture Alternative)

Persian Dance

Personality and Temperament Assessment Tests

Pet Psychics

Phiten Necklaces

Phony Guru Gets 10 Years for Rape

Piccarreta, Louisa

Piccarreta, Louisa (Vatican Pauses Review of Writings)

Pieta Prayer Book


Pilates (Woman Loses Breast Implant During Pilates Move)

Pilates vs. Yoga

Pineal Gland Cleansing


Placebo, Power of

Placebo Effect - Can it heal?

Pocket Diodes

Pope's Exorcist (Movie)

Pope Lick Monster

Pornogrind Music 

Possession vs. Mental Illness


Pokemon (Did John Paul II Bless Pokemon?)

Pokemon Go (Bishop Considers Lawsuit)

Polarity Therapy

Poltergeist Activity

Poltergeist (terrified family flees home)

Polyvagal Theory 

Pong Pong Seeds

Poke Lick Monster

Pope's Exorcist Movie 

Popoff, Peter

Portals (New Age)

Portals (to the occult)

Possession cases (stump psychiatrists)

Potter Spells (Are They Real? Does it Matter?)

Potter (Don't Let Media Define Case Against Potter)

Potter (How Media is Spinning Book Banning Story)

Potter (Exorcists Warn to Stay Away From Books)

Potter (Raised on Potter, Millennials Embrace Occult)

Potter, Harry 

Powell, Fr. John, S.J.

Power Balance Bands

Power Balance Bands (Ordered to Retract Spurious Claims)

Pranic Healing


Prayer Blankets

Prayer Chains

Prayer Wheel

Praying with Folded Hands (Is This Hindu?)

Praying in Color

Princess Diana (Haunting butler's home?)

Pregnancy Miracle

Prison Angel

Proctor & Gamble (Supporting Satanism?)

Pro Life Rosary

Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander

Prosperity Gospel - personal testimony

Prosperity Gospel Runs Amuck (Man blames Jesus for robbing bank)


Psych K

Psychedelic Therapy

Psychic Abilities (Don't we all have them?)

Psychics Jailed for Fraud

Psychic Distrubances & Mental Schizophrenia

Psychic (Says Bible Written by Psychic)

Psychics (Can they really solve crimes?)

Psychic Scams Madeline McCann's family

Psychics Never Saw Accident Coming

Psychic (former psychic enters politics)

Psychic (Another phony busted for theft)

Psychics (Feds bust phony psychic ring)

Psychic Arrested for Conning Lovesick Man

Psychic Contacts Spirit of Cecil the Lion

Psychic Octopus?

Psychic powers explained

Psychics (fail in laboratory tests)

Psychic Sees Deceased Daughter

Psychics Facing Increased Regulation

Psychic Disturbances (and Mental Schizophrenia)

Psychic Night at Catholic College

Psychic (Sylvia Browne Under Fire for Saying Amanda Berry is Dead)

Psychic Sued for False Prophecy

Psychic (Another Psychic Busted - When Will We Learn?)


Psychometry (Divination through objects)

Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy

Purpose Driven Life (Rick Warren)

Putnam, Chris (Exo-Vaticana book)

Pyramid Power

QAnon Conspiracy Theory

QEST (Quantum Energetic Structured Therapy)

Qi Gong

Quack Miranda Warning

Quantum Jumping

Quantum Love (Laura Berman)

Quantum Neurology

Quantum Reflex Analysis


Quinn, Sally (admits being an occultist)

Radiance Technique (aka Real Reiki)


Rage Rituals

Raindrop Therapy


Ramtha (Followers Wanted for Murder)

Ramtha (founder caught in vicious anti-Catholic rant)

Raw Food Diets

Ray, James (Sweat Lodge Deaths)

Ray, James (Convicted on 3 Counts of Murder)

Ray, James (Sentenced to 4 Years)


Reconnective Healing

Red Chili Peppers (as talisman)

Red Door Yellow Door Sleepover Game

Redwall Series

Reehorst, Sr. Jane



Reiki (Frightening Personal Testimony)

Reiki - Can Reiki Spirits Infest a Building?

Reiki Music

Reiki (and the occult)

Reiki (Patients Should Sign Consent Form)

Reiki (What to do if you had a Reiki Massage)

Reiki Remains Junk Science

Reiki (UK Hospital Advertises for Reiki Master)

Reiki Infused Jewelry/Objects

Reincarnation (Assumption is an Antidote to Reincarnation)

Reincarnation (New Age vs. Eastern)

Reincarnation (Why Hasn't the Church Condemned?)

Reincarnation (Past Life Experiences in Children)

Relics (when veneration can become superstitious)

Remnant Church (Gwen Shamblin)

Remote Viewing

Renaissance Fairs (becoming increasingly pagan)



Repressed Memory Therapy

Repressed Memory Therapy (Niara Isley story)

Repressed Memory Therapy (fallout from)


Resurrection (TV series)

Resting in the Spirit

Recticular Activating System (See New Age Thought Control Disguised as Neuroscience)

Reumofan (FDA warning)

Reverse Speech

Reviews for Christians (books, TV, movies, video games)

Rice (Use in Pagan Worship)

Rice, Anne (Are her books okay to read?)

Rife Machines

Roach, Michael (Diamond Mountain Retreat)

Robbins, Tony

Robbins, Tony (people burned during firewalking)

Robbins, Tony (in a heap of trouble)

Rock  Stacking

Rock Whispering


Rohr, Richard Fr.

Rolheiser, Fr. Ron

Rosary of Liberation

Rosary of the Unborn

Rosaries Made of Crystals (Not New Age)

Rose, Emily 

Rose, Shekina (Language of Light)


Rosin, Dorina (childbirth with dolphins)

Roth, Gabrielle (5Rhythms)

Roth, Sid

Royal Palace (Is Sweden's Palace haunted?)

Rubenfeld Synergy



Runes, Book of (Should Christians use?)

Rupp, Joyce Sr. 

Russ, Helen

Ryan, Fr. Thomas (Prayer of the Heart and Body)

Ryden, Vassula

Ryden, Vassula (automatic writing)

Sa Ta Na Ma Chant

Sabrina (Chilling Adventures of)

Sacred Touch Therapy

Saging (a house)

Saging vs. Holy Water

Salt Rooms/caves

Salt inhalation Therapy

Santa Muerte (Bishops Denounce)

Satan (Know Your Enemy!)

Satan (The Ultimate Spin Doctor)

Satan (Why do people deny his existence?)

Satan (Is he a person or a concept?)

Satan (described by Exorcist)

Satan (Can he heal?)

Satanic Messages (hidden in rock music)

Satanic Rock Band (Ghost Tour)

Satanic Rosaries

Satan Sneakers

How Satanic Images Tempt the Young

Satanic Video Games

Satanists (Jailed for Murder of Teens)

Satanists murder nun in Italy

Satanists on trial


Scalar Energy Products

Scalar Energy Pendant (Woman Reports Bizarre Side Effects While Wearing)

Scapulars (how many have Church approval?)


Schaef, Anne Wilson

Schoenstatt Movement

School for Good and Evil children's book

Science of Spirituality (and Dr. Zaslove)

Science and the Church

Scientology - Defectors Describe Abuse at Church of Scientology

SCIO Machines


Secret Scrolls

Secret Garden

Sedona Method

Self Discovery

Self Realization Fellowship (Testimony)

Sending Light & Love Message

Seranno, Erica (Peruvian seer)

Seven Great Prayers

Sha, Master Zhi Gang

The Shack

The Shack - New Book Dismantles "The Shack"

The Shack - Shack Author Embroiled in Lawsuit/Writing Screenplay

Shadow Work

Shaman charged with starting wildfires

Shamanism (Is it Compatible with Christianity?)

Shamanism (Doctor uses to treat infertility)

Shamanism (Media Thinks it's Trendy)

Shaman Kills Teen

Shamanic Healing

Shambala Bracelets

Shamblin, Gwen (& Remnant Church)

Shawl Ministry


Shen Yun


Shock Therapy

Siberry, Jane


Silva Mind Control

Silva Mind Control (Man Dies After Trying to Cure Himself)

Simma, Maria

Singh, Dr. Mohan

Singing Bowls


Skull & Crossbones symbol

Skylanders: Playing with Magic

Skyrim Video Game (dangers of)

Slenderman (and Minecraft's Eldermen)

Sleep Paralysis

Sly, Susan

Small Faith Communities



Soaking Prayer

Sophia the First 

Solfeggio Tones

Somatics (Align)

Somatic Exercises

Somato Emotional Release Therapy

Sons of Baphomet I 


Sorcery (McDonald's Happy Meals Game Based on Sorcery)

Soul Motion

SOUL Movie (Disney)

Soul Collage

Soul Light

Soul Ties

Sound Bath Therapy

Soy Sauce Cleanse

Sozo Prayer

Spalding, Baird

Spalding Baird (and his phony Ascended Masters)

Spell Casting Mania Goes Awry

Spirit (Is the Human Spirit an Energy Force?)

Spirit Animals

Spirit Guide

Spirit Seekers Paranormal Investigative Group

Spirituality in Public Schools

Spirituality Quotient


Ssemakula, Yozefu, Fr.

Ssemakula, Yozefu, Fr. (Diocese Issues Statement)

Ssemakula, Yozefu Fr. (Diocese refuses Imprimatur)

St. Agnes Superstition

St. Benedict's Prayer Wall

St. Expedite

St. Joseph Statue (Burying to Sell Home)

St. Mathews Churches Scams


More St. Matthew's Church Scams

Star Wars - Bakugan, Star Wars and the Occult

Star Wars (New Age/occult elements in new movie)

Steindl-Rast, Brother David

Stem Cell Clinics (rogue)

Sterling Institute for Relationships

Strega Nona books

Sun Gazing Meditation

Sunship Earth

Superstition (Is it Superstitious to Bury Statue of St. Joseph Upside Down?)

Superstition (turns deadly)

Superstition (Can it Help you Sleep Better?)

Superstition and Faith Don't Mix

Supplements (overviewl)

Supplements (using supplements that have "spiritual powers")

Supplements (12 Most Dangerous Supplements on the Market)

Supplements (best supplements for common cold)

Supplements (Dangerous ingredients)

Supplements (Free Searchable Indexes for Vitamins, Supplements, Herbs)

Supplements (Sending Thousands to ER Each Year)

Supplements (FDA to ban Kratom)

Supplements (Beware of Brain Boosting Supplements)

Sweat Your Prayers


T-25 workout

T-Tapp (Yoga Free Exercise)

Tabata Training

Tacpac Therapy

Tae Bo

Tai Chi

Taiji Quan


Tao (Receiving the Tao)



Target's Deal with the Devil

Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards (Making a Comeback)

Tatoos and Body Piercing

Tatoos (FDA warnings)

Tea Leaves (Is it a Sin to Have Your Tea Leaves Read?)

Thanksgiving Ghost Story

Tea Tree Oil

Tellington Touch

TENS Machines are Safe to Use


Tesla BioHealing Products

Testimonials (unreliable proof of alternatives)

Theophostic Prayer

Therapies (New Age Therapies That Require Religious Conversion)

Therapists (New Age)


Theta Healing


Third Eye

Thought Control, Christian vs. New Age

Tibetan mushroom kefir

Tinctures - Are Tinctures New Age?

TKM (King Institute)

Toad Venom 

Tolle, Eckhart

Tomatis Therapy

Tommie Copper Bands

Tong Ren

Tongue Diagnosis

Tongues, Gift of

Toward the Gleam

Tradition in Action

Trance Dancing

Trance/Techno Music


Transcendental Meditation

Treasury Department Scams

Tree Fu Tom (Spellcasting for 2 Year Olds)

Tree of Life Symbol

Trigger Point Therapy

Triquettra Symbol

Trudeau, Kevin

Trudeau, Kevin (goes to jail)

Trump Spell Casters (warned by exorcist)

True Life in God Prayer Groups

Truth Followers

TRX Suspension Training (Yoga-free workout)

Tulsi Tea

Tuning Forks

Turning Point (New Age Seminar Blamed for Woman's Death)

Tuttle, Carol

Twelve Gifts of Birth

Twelve Step Programs

Twelve Tribes


Twilight (Experts Concerned about Teen "Biting" Craze)

Twilight (Concern Grows over Seizures at Movie)

Twilight Moms

Twin Flames


Unbound (Neil Lozano)


Unity Church

Universal Medicine (Serge Benyahon)

Vampire Arrests

Vampire Stabbing

Vampire Therapy

Vampires (Scientists Says to Stop Judging)

Vanga, Baba

Vanzant, Iyanla

Vedic Astrology

Vega Testing

Victress Health & Wellness (Dr. Lisa Marino)

Video Games (How to Find Decent Games for Kids)

Virtue, Doreen

Vipassana Retreat (Another woman dies)

Visceral Manipulation

Visio Divina

Vision Quest


Vitamins (and Herbs)

Vitamin Safety (Two New Studies)

Vogel Home Remedies

Voodoo (Thriving in Miami)

Voodoo Dolls (vs. Lalaloopsy dolls)

Voodoo Dolls (charm size latest teen craze)

Voodoo (Blamed for horrific crimes)

Vortex Healing (is occult-based)

Waldorf (Anthroposophy and Waldorf)

Waldorf Dolls

Wallach, Joel (Youngevity)

Walsch, Neale Donald (Conversations with God)

Warren, Rick (and the Purpose Driven Life)

Watain (Satanic Rock Band)

Water Witching ( See Dowsing)

Way of Peace Board Game

Way of the Rose

Water Awareness/Dr. Emoto

Weight Loss Scams

Wellness Industry

Westin Price Foundation

Wim Hof Breathing Method

White Feathers (aka angel feathers)

White Light of Protection Prayer

White Mulberry Leaves

White Witches

Whole Body Cryotherapy

Wholyfit (Another Yoga Alternative)

Water, Why Alkalizing and Ionizing Water is Useless

Wicca (Growth in U.S.)


Wiccans (Protection Against)

Wiccans (Evangelical Wiccans on the Rise)

Wiccan Dating Rituals

WICKED (Broadway Play)

Willow Tree Sculptures

William, Anthony (medical medium)

Williamson, Marianne 

Wind Chimes

Wingwave Therapy

Winter Solstice

Wish Bracelets

Wishing upon a star

Witch's Ball

Witch Bottles

Witchcraft Cafe

Witchcraft (Linked to child abuser Louise Turpin)

Witchcraft Rising

Witches Curse Stanford Rapist

Witches Cast Spell on Trump

Witches Invited to Catholic School

Witchcraft Linked to Child Abuse in Nigeria

Witchcraft Invades BLM Movement

Witchcraft (Vogue promotes to women)

Witchcraft (Tom Brady's Wife is a Witch)

Witchcraft (Is My Daughter Involved in Witchcraft?)

Witchcraft Viewed Unfavorably by Most Americans

Wizard 101

Wizard Card Game

Wizards and Witches (Loved Ones Involved in Neopaganism)

Women's Intuition

Word of Faith Movement

Worry Dolls

Yawanawa, Putanny (Amazonian Chieftess Speaks at WEC)

YMCA (Non-Christian Fitness Programs)

Yoga - (Ban in Alabama Schools)

Yoga - Yahweh Yoga

Yoga - Teacher's Reasons for Leaving

Yoga - Testimony of Former Teacher

Yoga - What is Restorative Yoga

Yoga - What Does Book of Maccabees Teach About Yoga?

Yoga - Hindu Activist Wants Priest Reprimanded

Yoga - Christian Response to the Yoga Wars

Yoga - Dru Yoga

Yoga - Answering Typical Questions About Christian Yoga

Yoga - Man converted to Christianity in Holy Yoga class?

Yoga - Rage Yoga

Yoga - Controversy at Bullard Elementary School

Yoga - Yoga Related Injuries

Yoga - Woman Quits After Injury (Testimony)

Yoga - Worrying Increase in Injuries

Yoga - Risky Yoga Move Leaves Girl Paralyzed

Yoga - Yoga Sex Scandals

Yoga - Face Yoga

Yoga (Exorcist says it's gateway to Satan)

Yoga (and the sin of scandal)

Yoga (Study Finds Yoga Starts as Exercise but Ends as Spirituality)

Yoga (Study: More Dangerous than Previously Thought)

Yoga  - Bishop Tells Catholics to Abstain from Yoga

Yoga - Hot Yoga Poses Safety Risks

Yoga - CoreYoga Founder Found Dead

Yoga - Enthusiasts Get Desperate

Yoga - Goat Yoga Gets the Boot in NYC

Yoga - Are Schools Souring on Yoga?

Yoga - Indian Students Prayer for Peace With Yoga

Yoga - Benedictine College stops offering

Yoga - Woman Delivered of 17 Spirits Part 1  Part 2

Yoga - Bishop Nauman warns about

Yoga - If Church Christianized Other Pagan Practices, Why Not Yoga?

Yoga - Former Yogi Says "Not Just Exercise"

Yoga - Naked

Yoga - Does Baptiste Yoga Require Baptism?

Yoga - Western Yoga Becoming More Spiritual

Yoga - Orthodox Church Issues Warning

Yoga - Goat Yoga

Yoga - Bikram Yoga Founder Guilty of Sexual Harrassment

Yoga - Bikram Yoga Founder Sued - Again!

Yoga - Bikram empire starting to splinter

Yoga - Bikram Yoga Founder Loses Big in Court

Yoga - Bikram Choudhury on the run

Yoga - Reader Not Impressed with "Holy Yoga"

Yoga - (Instructor Follows Voice, Gets Lost 17 days)

Yoga - Nurse Gives Up After 19 Years

Yoga - What do Christian Prayer Postures and Yoga Have in Common?

Yoga (Laughter Yoga)

Yoga (Is Chair Yoga Real Yoga?)

Yoga (Croatian Bishop Warns Against)

Yoga (Topless)

Yoga (Catholic Orgn. Says Yoga as Exercise is Misleading)

Yoga - Will Make You a Better Hindu

Yoga - Study: Conventional Stretching Just as Effective as Yoga

Yoga - U.S. Catholic Magazine endorses yoga

Yoga - Yoga/New Age Exercises

Yoga - Alternatives to Yoga

Yoga - Priest Warns Catholics Away from Yoga

Yoga - Is it just exercise? (Yoga Instructors Say It's Spiritual Exercise)

Yoga - Yogi Claims He Hasn't Eaten in 70 Years

Yoga - "Christian Yoga" is Syncretism

Yoga - Answering Typical Questions about "Christian Yoga" 

Yoga - Will Yoga and Meditation Make Your Snooty?

Yoga - Woman Quits After Watching This Show

Yoga - Yoga Free workouts for Christians

Yoga - Home Enlightenment Program

Yoga - Parish Hosts Yoga Stations of the Cross

Yoga - Parents Expose Dark Side

Yoga - Anglican Priest Quits Yoga

Yoga - National Yoga Machine Sells "Spirituality of Style"

Yoga - Superbrain Yoga

Yoga - Yoga on Wii

Yoga - Is it a stretch or yoga? 

Yoga - testimony from yoga studio worker

Yoga - Why Yoga Can Never Be Just an Exercise

Yoga - More "Christian" Yoga

Yoga - Resources (aids to those fighting Yoga in parishes and/or schools)

Yoga - Hindu's Launch "Take Back Yoga" Campaign

Yoga - Looking For Church Teaching on Yoga?

Yoga - Kundalini Awakening

Yoga - Exorcist Warns People to Stay Away

Yoga - Reader Shares Great NO YOGA Exercise Program

Yoga - Trying to Separate the Physical from the Spiritual Aspects for Profit's Sake

Yoga - Priest Claims Jesus was Greatest Yogi

Yoga - Legal Battle Brews Over Yoga in Schools, Judge Rules Against Plaintiffs

Yoga - Parents Appeal Judge's Decision 

Yoga - Court Allows Yoga in Schools

Yoga - What You Should Know About the OM Chant

Yoga - Vatican Exorcist Calls Yoga Satanic

Yoga - You can Stretch that Aching Back Without Yoga

Yoga - The Sources for our Position on Yoga

Yoga - reader warns about dangers

Yoga - a painfully honest testimony

Yoga - little girl's tale reveals it's not just exercise!

Yoga vs. Isometrics

Yogananda, Paramhansa (Autobiography of a Yogi)

Yogi Tea

Young Blood Transfusions


Young Living Essential Oils Warned by FDA


Zaslove, Dr.

Zazen (Is Not Christian Prayer)

Zeitgeist Films



Zinn, Jon-Kabat

Zion Full Salvation Ministry (Cult)

Zombies (Can Catholics Dress Like Zombies?)


ZYTO Scans