Herbal Magic Weight Loss program is not New Age, but does it work?

GH asks: “I have a question about  “Herbal Magic” weight loss program.  Is this a safe weight loss program or are these people using new age or occult methods to help people lose weight.”

I could find no connection between the Herbal Magic weight loss program and the occult other than the word “magic” in their name.

This is a weight loss program that relies on three key components; real food, personal coaching, and herbal supplements. The company claims its products are formulated by a scientific advisory team that includes pharmacological manufacturing companies, naturopathic doctors and pharmacists, and that all of its products have the required Natural Product Number (NPN) saying they meet Canadian Health standards.

However, you may want to check out this very detailed February 2010 investigative report that found many problems with the Herbal Magic program.

For instance, reporters learned from one former personal coach that she was told to tell clients she lost weight on the program when she really didn’t.

Undercover reporters also found that personal coaches (who are not nurses or dieticians) don’t tell the half of it when it comes to cost. The reporter was told the first year’s contract on the program would run about $1155 per year, but neglected to mention that this didn’t include any of the mandatory supplements which amount to @$200 month or $2400 extra dollars per year.

These two particular supplements, WM2000 which is said to decreases appetite and accelerate fat breakdown, and PROMAGIC which claims its ingredients are good for improving muscle mass and plays a key role in weight loss, were found to not have the appropriate approvals from Canadian health authorities for use as weight loss products. As a result, WM2000 has since been pulled and replaced by two other products that now have NPN numbers.

There have been many consumer complaints about this company that are worth reading by anyone who is considering signing onto this weight loss program:  http://www.dietfraud.com/Dietcraze/scams_herbalmagic.html

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