Doctor Uses Occult to Treat Infertility

A practicing gynecologist in the UK is promoting an unconventional fertility treatment plan for infertile couples that includes the use of crystals, shamanic healers, and chakra meditations.

According to the Daily Mail, Dr Larisa Corda has authored a new book entitled, The Conception Plan, which presents a “scientifically spiritual” program to help couples improve their chances of conceiving. Even though it promotes healthy changes in diet, exercise, environment and behaviors, Dr. Corda also believes the ability to conceive is linked to past trauma and a person’s “energetic health”.

“Suppressed emotions influence a cascade of biological processes that impact on your overall well-being and even your fertility,” she told the Mail.

Dr Corda advocates chakra meditations saying that: “Accessing the chakras [points where information flows between the physical and energetic body] can be a powerful way to improve fertility.”

Even though there is no such thing as the energy that allegedly flows through chakras, Dr. Corda claims that a dysfunction in this area could cause hormonal disruptions. This is why she advises couples to “activate” their chakras through daily meditation and breathwork, and to spend five minutes a day “visualizing” themselves as parents.

She also recommends crystals to improve the chances of conception. “Each crystal has its own electromagnetic properties, giving it ­frequencies that can be used to influence our energetic body,” she claims.

As for shamanic healing, she believes that shamans “were the original neuroscientists of ancient civilizations and they understand how to work on the energetic and spiritual body to bring old pain and trauma to ­consciousness and release it.”

There are several serious problems with these recommendations: First, they are based upon the existence of a universal life force that does not exist, according to science; Second, the use of shamans introduces couples to persons who are actively involved in the occult; Third, relying on crystals, which have never been scientifically proven to have healing or any other powers, is encouraging superstition. All told, these recommendations may be setting up already frustrated couples with even more disappointment as well as causing them spiritual harm.

But these precautions are not even mentioned in the article which features a woman named Kathryn, 35, who suffers from polycystic ovaries, and her partner who has an enlargement of veins that could affect his sperm count. The couple turned to Dr. Corda’s methods after being refused treatment by the National Health Service because Kathryn was overweight, which she claimed was the result of going off the pill.

Dr. Corda put the couple on a vegan diet, asked them to eliminate as many chemicals as possible from their toiletries and cleaning products, have minimum contact with plastics, and do more exercise.

They also attended a spiritual retreat where they were given Reiki treatments and underwent a shamanic healing.

Three months later, Kathryn conceived, and believes it was all due to Dr. Corda’s alternative methods.

Of course, Kathryn’s conception could have been due to any number of issues that were resolved when she started exercising more, ate better, and lost weight, but she will forever link this blessed event with a regimen that included resorting to the occult and superstition.

Unfortunately, she is now much more likely to resort to the occult for other problems in her life, thus introducing a dangerous darkness into her beautiful new family.

We can only keep this doctor and her unsuspecting patients in our prayers.

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