The Wonders of Woo: Scalar Energy Products

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LW asks: “Do you have any info on Scalar energy products like pendants, flasks, bracelets. I tried one not knowing what it really was and had a horrible experience. I believe they are the part of New age healing energy products. . . .When I put it on, I had no idea what it was all about, but I started to feel strange, restless, very anxious, weepy, no peace…

I immediately suspected some sort of occult activity in it. At that point I knew I had to throw it out. Sad and scary part is that ‘practicing devout Catholic’ ladies were selling these products during pilgrimage as a protective shield from electromagnetic radiation like cell phones, computers, etc. When you post it on the New Age blog I hope it’ll help a lot of people from this insidious infiltration of another New Age scam ‘energy’ product.”

Thank you for looking out for us all, LW!

Although we can’t confirm that the symptoms you experienced had anything to do with the actual pendant, these types of gadgets allegedly protect people from electromagnetic fields (EMF) emitted by cell phones, computers, wifi, and other devices. While there is evidence that some forms of EMF exposure increase the risk of cancer, consumers need to beware of the burgeoning market for so-called EMF shields than are often more hype than help.

Sellers of the Scalar pendant claim that scalar energy, which comes from the earth’s molten core, is embedded into the pendants and repels EMF energy naturally which keeps the wearer safe from the harmful effects of EMF radiation.

As this purveyor claims: “In a nutshell a Scalar Energy Pendant is a pendant made of volcanic lava from specific Japanese Volcanoes that has been collected and solidified into a very dense hard material that is then shaped into a beautiful pendant. This pendant benefits the body in so many tangible ways it comes across as too good to be true to many, but I assure you the benefits this pendant provides are VERY real!”

Is this true? Is there some kind of “scalar energy” that comes out of the earth’s core through a volcano that has these miraculous qualities?

Not hardly, nor can they because of what science knows about scalar energy.

As Yale neurologist Dr. Steven Novella explains in this blog, “Legitimately, [scalar energy]…is simply an energy field that exists in a scalar field, which has a particular value at every point in space. So temperature is a scalar field. But ‘scalar energy’ has become the new ‘zero point energy’ for healing woo. It is simply a phrase borrowed from science that sound impressive and most people don’t know what it actually means – classic pseudoscience.”

This explains why there is no scientific support for any of the fantastic claims made by these sellers. The only “proof” is the usual slew of user testimonials, which are meaningless.

But these marketers are slick. They know we’re going to say the products produce nothing more than the placebo effect, so they include an explanation for why this can’t possibly so in their FAQs. When you read this FAQ, however, it does nothing more than accuse all skeptics of being people who lack an open mind – you know, the kind of backward Christians who would criticize Reiki and acupuncture.

However, at least one seller of these products is big enough to admit that there is no scientific support for Scalar Energy products. “The bottom line is this, as far as the science goes there is a great deal of debate. All I can say is that the current level of science that exists cannot effectively make a solid conclusion as to why it creates the effect it does. The only thing I do know as do others who have used the pendant is that it ‘hands down’ does something positive to the body.”

We can’t be sure why LW experienced restlessness and anxiety while wearing this product (which I assume ceased when she removed it). This reaction might have been caused by something completely unrelated that just happened to coincide with the wearing of the pendant or perhaps the particular item she wore was in some way connected with an occult ritual.

At any rate, the Lord protected us all by prompting LW to remove the pendant and to write to us where we can post this information and get the word out to the public.

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