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Little Did I Know The Spiritual Reality of Yoga

by Linda Carl

I was deeply immersed in yoga for almost 20 years. Once I began to discover the many hidden truths, I stopped teaching and never looked back. As Jesus says “You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32).

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What Does the Book of Maccabees Teach Us About the Yoga Debate?

                                           The martyrdom of Eleazar

Today’s first reading was from the second book of Maccabees where a courageous man of God named Eleazar chose death rather than cause scandal by pretending to eat forbidden meat. What does this Scripture teach us about the heated debates surrounding yoga, mindfulness, centering prayer, and a variety of other practices that originate in non-Christian religions?

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But My Friend Was Converted in a “Christian” Yoga Class!

We recently received a scathing letter from a Holy Yoga instructor who took us to task for our position against the practice of “Christian yoga.” She believes that because a man in her class asked her to help him accept Jesus as his savior, this proves that God is working in her classes. Is this true? Yes! But not for the reasons she thinks . . .

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Are Schools Souring on Yoga?

Introducing yoga into public schools isn't happening without a fight - and Increasing complaints from parents and accusations that schools are endorsing religious practices is beginning to have an effect on programs across the country.

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Worrying Increase in Yoga Injuries

A recent study by scientists at Sydney University has found that yoga causes musculoskeletal pain in more than one in ten participants, actually worsened more than a fifth of existing injuries, and is just as dangerous as other sports.

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Nurse Gives Up Yoga After 19 Years

The following witness was written by Janet C. Munday, BSN, RN, who serves as the Mid-Atlantic Regional Director of the National Association of Catholic Nurses, U.S.A. Janet practiced yoga for 19 years before realizing that she could no longer do so. In poignant detail, she describes her journey from yoga-as-exercise to the realization that this practice is counterproductive for those seeking the light of Christ.

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