Is There Such a Thing as a White Witch?

TG asks: “I have some questions about white witchcraft. What is it? How is it different from black witchcraft or other occult practices? What is the Catholic church’s teaching on this subject?”

A so-called “white witch” is a witch who practices “white magic” – a false premise constructed by practitioners of magic to convince themselves that there’s such a thing as a “good witch.”

In reality, there is no such thing because there is no difference between white or black magic. All magic derives its power from demonic sources, regardless of what “color” it is.

As the late exorcist of Rome, Father Gabriele Amorth explains in this article, “…[M]agic is a practice used to do evil things and to influence people and the reality created by the devil. This is also valid for the rites that are commonly called ‘white magic’ and that are done for the ‘good’ and ‘red magic,’ which regards the sphere of sexuality. All turn to the same preternatural entity, the wizard, who, in all these cases, resorts to the power of Satan in order to obtain the invoked result.”

He concludes: “Therefore, there is no difference among them, ‘black,’ ‘white,’ or ‘red.’ It is enough to see the effects of all of them.”

Msgr. Stephen Rosetti, also an exorcist, concurs: “So many people think of themselves as doing good but are involved in occult practices that actually invoke evil powers. Good witches? Healing crystals? White magic? If it doesn’t directly involve God, then the only other option is Satan’s power and that is not good… regardless of one’s intentions.”

This is why the Church teaches: “All practices of magic or sorcery, by which one attempts to tame occult powers, so as to place them at one’s service and have a supernatural power over others — even if this were for the sake of restoring their health — are gravely contrary to the virtue of religion” (no. 2117).

The bottom line is that the only place a so-called “white witch” exists is in the imagination and Hollywood movies like The Wizard of Oz. In real life, there’s no such thing. All witches who engage in magic, regardless of the color, are consorting with Satan.

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