Woman Reports Bizarre Side Effects After Wearing New Age Energy Pendant

LW wrote to us months ago to inquire about a New Age gimmick known as a Scalar Energy Pendant that she bought from “devout Catholic ladies” during a recent pilgrimage. The pendant alleges protects the wearer from electromagnetic radiation emitting from things like cell phones and computers.Shortly after she began wearing it, she began to experience restlessness, weepiness and anxiety. But things apparently got much worse. I’ll let her explain the rest in her own words.

“I remember very clearly one night as I was wearing it around my neck, I woke up around 3:20 AM after hearing a very strange and  very loud ” explosion” inside in my bedroom. This was very weird because I never wake up in the middle of the night. I also began to notice a very strange ‘noise’ in the house that didn’t disappear until the pendant was removed from the property and the house was blessed. Everything stopped immediately!

“I would never ever think that something so ‘insignificant’  as a pendant can really cause  such a commotion. The only thing I can think of is that the person selling these objects was involved in some sort of occult practice.

“What was also very strange is that the people on this pilgrimage suddenly started to get ill, including the priest.

“The whole thing was so weird, I can’t even comprehend it, but there was definitely something very bad, and certainly not of the Lord about this object.

“But God is an awesome God and He did protected me by inspiring me to remove it. What an experience and lesson to be learned!”

It is indeed possible for objects to be infested with evil, which is usually the result of a hex (curse). Fr. Gabriele Amorth, famed exorcist for the diocese of Rome, says the usual indicator of a cursed object is its source. For instance, if you received something from a witch or warlock or someone who dabbles in the occult.  In this case, an object can be contaminated with “extremely harmful negativities,” he says in his book An Exorcist: More Stores (pp 159). Talismans would be typical examples of this.

We may also know an object has been cursed by its effects on us. We may experience unexplained nausea, are unable to sleep, suffer headaches, etc.

However, Fr. Amorth says the infestation of objects is rare. We should “proceed with great caution” before claiming something is infested, adn be careful not to give way to groundless suspicions and “useless fears.”

Thanks for sharing this with us, LW!

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