Benedicta Institute for Women®

The Women of Grace® Benedicta Institute for Women®

…is a dynamic Catholic Women’s Leadership Studies Program. The first of its kind, this program provides women with the opportunity to acquire certification in Catholic Women’s Leadership Studies. No matter which level of endeavor a woman desires, this program will help her attain her goal, and assist her to “aid humanity in not falling. ”

There are six Catholic Women’s Leadership Studies (CWLS)

  1. Toward a Catholic Understanding of Women
  2. Catholic Social Doctrine & Today’s Catholic Woman Leader
  3. Learning from the Past: Words & Wisdom of Holy Women
  4. Prayer & Spirituality of the Church
  5. The New Evangelization
  6. Fundamentals of Catholic Servant Leadership

This program provides the opportunity to earn the Benedicta Institute for Women Certification as well as the following:

  • Women of Grace Exclusive Membership for the duration of the program
  • Ongoing Networking opportunities provided by the BLI to all enrolled students
  • Invitation to Women of Grace VIP Events
  • Becoming a part of a Sacred Sisterhood where we encourage and pray for each other to live out God’s calling in our lives

Benedicta Leadership Institute For Women

The mission of the Women of Grace® Benedicta Institute for Women® is to identify, educate, develop, and train Catholic women to be active leaders and mentors of the day in accord with their state in life. By infusing family life, communities, institutions, organizations and governmental agencies with Catholic moral and social teaching, the leaders trained by this Institute will do much to infuse a Culture of Life into contemporary society and will “aid humanity in not falling.”

“How rare it is to find a valiant woman! It is perhaps necessarily so, since Scripture says that they are more precious than pearls and diamonds. Let us however work to train a few.”
St. Madeleine Sophie Barat (1779 -1865)
“Perhaps you have had a moment in your life where you knew that your life would never be the same. That was my experience when I completed the first course in Catholic Women’s Leadership. At the time that I registered for the course, I absolutely had no idea why I was enrolling it in or how I would utilize it in my future. All I knew for sure was that I felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to register for this course. Using Mary, our mother, as my role model, I said ‘yes’.

What I said ‘yes’ to was a profound experience that transformed my entire womanhood! What God has entrusted to me as being a female is such an awesome responsibility; I trust that I will learn how to better accomplish this by this program. Dr. Monica Miller was so passionate and knowledgeable, it was contagious, and I knew that I would never be the same again. I truly felt the presence of God everywhere on campus. It was inspiring and nurturing to be surrounded by all these amazing men and women who were so filled with God’s love. Though I do not know where I am being lead, I do know that now is the time, and I just can’t wait to be back on campus again! ”
Carmen Schattner, Student in the Catholic Women’s Leadership Program at the Benedicta Leadership Institute


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