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What Do Your Eyes Say About Your Health?

AR writes: “ . . . (M)y mother is very much into alternative medicine and healthy eating, etc, and I grew up going to an iridologist and have been amazed at some of the things she picked up on in my body.  For instance, she noticed "irritation" in my lower back, and a few years later, due to strenuous activity, I thought I had developed a seriously problematic spinal condition, but doctors said I was either born with or it happened when I was a baby and was just aggravated by the activity.  Anyway, even if you think iridology is bologna, it doesn't seem to be problematic with our faith, as it’s not like its reading palms or anything whacky like is looking at the iris and seeing if something is not quite right.  BUT, I still wanted to check with you all.”

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Why Are People Smoking Toad Venom?

                                                        Bufo alvarius toad

A new craze is taking hold among those who are looking for healing from anxiety and depression - smoking toad venom. Would you do it?

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Is EMDR Therapy Legit?

Prince Harry’s recent confession about the use of EMDR therapy has spawned a rush of interest in this therapy as well as many questions about its roots and whether or not it's suitable for Christians.

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Nine Ways to Spot Non-Christian Healing Techniques

LV writes: “I’m so tired of trying to figure out if an alternative is related to the New Age or not. Are there any guidelines Christians can use to help them discern what’s okay and what isn’t from a spiritual perspective?”

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Ayurvedic Medicine: Risks Outweigh the Benefits

Anonymous: “My brother-in-law has offered to pay all expenses for me to see an Ayurvedic Practitioner that he sees for treatment in New Jersey. I have seen one before here in my state. My viewpoint is that despite how ill I am, it would be putting my faith into Eastern Medicine, instead of in Jesus Christ, for my healing. Am I correct in my view? Would you explain further, and why it would be unwise to seek healing from this type of Practitioner?"

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Why People Believe Alternatives Work...Even When They Don't

Have you ever wondered why people are so convinced that therapies work, even when there is no science to prove it? Almost every New Age alternative has a website full of testimonials from people who really believe the technique worked. Are these people lying or just deluded?

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Catholics and Hypnosis

Sue writes: “I have been struggling with anxiety disorder for three years after illness and a breakdown. I am getting much better, but have some hard work ahead of me. However, I rightfully lost faith in my last therapist and had to find a new one. Sadly, I do not have access to a Catholic therapist in my area. I had to start seeing a new secular therapist this past month. I have been making good strides, but he likes to use a form of hypnosis in order to open my mind and feed some positive thoughts. I told him I do not feel comfortable with hypnosis due to my faith. He has done some guided hypnosis on me and I feel so clear headed after, but after discovering he has been doing hypnosis, I have become leery of it. I do not want to be misled and have found various opinions on the subject in the Catholic circle. What should I do?"

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Does Your Pineal Gland Need Cleaning?

Fontana della Pigna in Rome (image courtesy of Wknight94 at Wikicommons)

TM writes: “Please talk about decalcification of pineal gland. It seems like a good and healthy thing to do. However there is a lot of connection to opening up third eye, etc. There is also a lot of symbolism [associated with the pineal gland] with Pinecones within the Vatican. Please go into depth about this topic. If I can feel better by flossing my teeth, avoiding fluoride, and eating natural foods to decalcify my pineal gland, that sounds like something I would like to do. Obviously I do not want to mess around with anything that is occult or new age.”

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