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Why People Believe Alternatives Work...Even When They Don't

Have you ever wondered why people are so convinced that therapies work, even when there is no science to prove it? Almost every New Age alternative has a website full of testimonials from people who really believe the technique worked. Are these people lying or just deluded?

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Catholics and Hypnosis

Sue writes: “I have been struggling with anxiety disorder for three years after illness and a breakdown. I am getting much better, but have some hard work ahead of me. However, I rightfully lost faith in my last therapist and had to find a new one. Sadly, I do not have access to a Catholic therapist in my area. I had to start seeing a new secular therapist this past month. I have been making good strides, but he likes to use a form of hypnosis in order to open my mind and feed some positive thoughts. I told him I do not feel comfortable with hypnosis due to my faith. He has done some guided hypnosis on me and I feel so clear headed after, but after discovering he has been doing hypnosis, I have become leery of it. I do not want to be misled and have found various opinions on the subject in the Catholic circle. What should I do?"

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Does Your Pineal Gland Need Cleaning?

Fontana della Pigna in Rome (image courtesy of Wknight94 at Wikicommons)

TM writes: “Please talk about decalcification of pineal gland. It seems like a good and healthy thing to do. However there is a lot of connection to opening up third eye, etc. There is also a lot of symbolism [associated with the pineal gland] with Pinecones within the Vatican. Please go into depth about this topic. If I can feel better by flossing my teeth, avoiding fluoride, and eating natural foods to decalcify my pineal gland, that sounds like something I would like to do. Obviously I do not want to mess around with anything that is occult or new age.”

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Pharmaceuticals Found in "Natural" Brain Boosting Supplements

If you’re looking to boost your memory and brain power naturally, you may be disappointed to know that a new study has found that 10 popular “brain boosting” supplements not only contain pharmaceuticals, but in dosage levels that could be dangerous.

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Is Gestalt Therapy Okay for Christians?

BA writes: "A friend of mine is training to be a gestalt therapist. Can you clarify if this is new age and if so, why?"

Gestalt therapy is a form of humanistic therapy which is a “mental health approach that emphasizes the importance of being your true self in order to lead the most fulfilling life.” Because the New Age is totally “self” centered, some of the practices used in this therapy, such as dream work, can be associated with New Age philosophies which may be introduced by practitioners.

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Why You Shouldn't Waste Your Money on Bioresonance Devices

The Wacky Wednesday edition of EWTN’s Women of Grace® Live Radio is always an interesting show that never fails to turn up questions about some of the wackiest New Age practices and “treatments” on the planet – such as whether or not a “bioresonance” device known as the Healy can really keep us healthy.

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A Pseudoscience Known as Craniosacral Therapy

PT asks: “I am writing you about craniosacral treatment. It is a kind of massage, physical therapy variant. In the Vatican document it is not referred to directly but I understand that it is based on oriental "energy" belief system. Would it be possible for you to enlighten me about this some more. People have been asking me.”

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When Alternative Medicine Goes Wrong

PL: “I know someone who was severely injured by an alternative medicine provider who charged an exorbitant amount of money and yet didn’t help him at all. Is there anything he can do to recoup his losses?”

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