Women of Grace® Events

Johnnette B Williams and the Women of Grace® team are bringing the transforming message of authentic femininity to women around the world through life changing events. Women leave inspired and filled with holy zeal for their mission to “ aid humanity in not falling.

Glossary Definition

The true and essential nature God has endowed to woman referred to by Blessed John Paul II as the feminine genius.

Upcoming Events

  • Jun 27

    Benedicta Enrichment Seminar: "Women Mystics and the Divine Life Within"

    Benedicta Enrichment Seminar

    June 27-28, 2024

    Seminar Presenter, Kris McGregor

    Founder of Executive Director of Discerning Hearts®

    “Women Mystics and the Divine Life Within”

    The women mystics are icons for the modern Catholic woman, aiding them through their own life's witness how to make progress in the spiritual life and appropriate the graces -- both ordinary and extraordinary -- to their circumstances, states in life, and apostolic endeavors.

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  • Jun 28

    Women of Grace Malvern Summer Retreat

    Women of Grace Malvern Summer Retreat: “Divine Mercy: Crucible of New Life"

    Speakers include:
    Johnnette Williams, Father Ken Geraci, CPM, and Kris McGregor
    Living Praise Worship Team

    Together we will discover the infinitude of God’s mercy and love for us, his worthy daughters! 

    Come to know:

    • The mysticism of St. Faustina
    • the Divine Mercy Image
    • How praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet leads to the conversion of souls
    • What spiritual warfare has to do with Divine Mercy
    • How you can unleash the flow of God’s mercy

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  • Jun 29

    Young Women of Grace Retreat Day: "Divine Mercy and YOU"

    Young Women of Grace Retreat Day for Teenage Girls!

    "Divine Mercy and YOU"

    Saturday, June 29th, 8am-6pm

    Fun Activities, Inspiring Speakers, including Johnnette Williams and Fr. Ken Geraci, Discussion and Fellowship, Confession, Mass, and Prayer

    Registration includes materials and three meals!

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  • Jul 8

    Benedicta Institute ONLINE Course: Essentials on Carmelite Spirituality

    Benedicta Institute for Women ONLINE Summer Course:

    Essentials on Carmelite Spirituality

    Theme: Carmelite Spirituality

    (3 equivalency credits)

    Instructor: Dr. Donald Wallenfang

    Among the four female Doctors of the Church, two of them are Carmelite.  What is the relationship between the Carmelite tradition of prayer and a Catholic theology of womanhood?  This course will consider the A-Z essentials of the Carmelite charism by studying the spiritual classic of Saint Teresa of Avila, The Way of Perfection.  Saint Teresa leads us to understand the gradual perfection of charity through a determined determination of heart.  Altogether, the specific Carmelite form will be put into sharp relief in order to calibrate the contemplative character of woman according to the Marian rhythms of divine grace.

    (Course will be offered through the Canvas platform.)

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  • Sep 9

    Save the Date! Our Next Book Study: Maurice & Therese: The Story of a Love

    Save the Date! Our Next Book Study: Maurice & Therese

    Led by, Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

    September 9 - October 28

    Bonus! Have a chance to celebrate St. Therese's Feast Day with the group!

    Maurice & Therese: The Story of a Love

    by Bishop Patrick Ahern

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  • Oct 14

    SAVE THE DATE: Benedicta Institute Fall Week-Long Immersive: The Dignity of Dust: Contemplating our Humanity

    Benedicta Institute for Women Fall Week-Long Immersive:

    The Dignity of Dust: Contemplating our Humanity

    Theme: God and the Human Person

    Instructor: Dr. Donald Wallenfang, OCDS

    (3 equivalency credits)

    According to the timeless ancient axiom, agere sequitur esse – “doing follows being.” In order to know how to act, we first must know who we are. This course asks the question, “Who is the human being?” Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross and Caryll Houselander are two prominent twentieth-century Catholic women who offer sustained reflection on this vital question. By exploring their enlightening lives and writings, students will encounter the truth, goodness and beauty of the meaning of being human.

    Special Visit: Spend a day at the Shrine! Courses in the Castle, Rosary with the Nuns, Mass, Adoration, Stations of the Cross, JPII Center Tour, and Gift Shop Visit

    (Course will be offered in person in conjunction with the Canvas platform.)

    We will also be joined by Program Leader, Johnnette Benkovic Williams, Founder and President of Women of Grace and the Benedicta Institute for Women.

    The Benedicta Institute for Women is a certification program offered by Women of Grace. Students will earn credits towards a certification in Catholic Women's Leadership.

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Quotes from Past Events:

“This weekend was such a joy! The masses were all so beautiful. This whole experience was uplifting and my spirit just soared when singing ‘ Women of Grace®’. I indeed do want to live as a woman of grace. Thank you!”
Judy, Past Women of Grace® Retreat Participant
“This conference made me more aware of the power of prayer of the Rosary, the power of healing in the Eucharistic adoration and the communion with Christ and His Church in the Eucharist. Everything was so beautiful. I found all of the talks very healing, enriching, and powerful!”
Maria, Past Women of Grace® National Conference participant
“This conference helped me to increase knowledge of my Catholic faith and filled my soul with the joy and strength to always try to be a better Christian, woman, and daughter of God.”
Ivette, Past Women of Grace® National Conference participant
“I loved the depth of worship of Jesus present in the Eucharist with Catholic sisters who understand it… a holy sisterhood. It also provided me with the tools that will help me develop a deeper prayer life. It’s nice to know I’m not alone. I have sisters who also aspire to become holy.”
Barbara, Past Women of Grace® National Conference participant
“I recently attended the retreat at St. Magdalen de Pazzi (New Jersey) where you spoke, and WOW! It was wonderful… thank you. You touched on so many things that are dear to my heart, namely, the beauty and responsibility of a woman. I have a huge devotion to Our Lady, St. Louis de Montfort and St. Maximilian Kolbe, so that made the retreat special to me. Thank you.”