What’s Wrong With Pokemon?

NH asks: “Does Pokemon hold the same occult problems as Bakugan and similar games?”

It certainly does!

Pokemon, which means “pocket monster” was created in 1996 by Nintendo in Japan. It is essentially a role-playing card game involving cards containing at least 150 different “monsters.” Each “monster” has special powers and children aim to collect as many Pokemon as possible in order to use their special powers against other people’s Pokemon. In addition to the Pokemon cards, there are also “evolution” cards which depict Pokemon that can evolve into more powerful creatures, and “energy” cards which can be united with other cards to give a Pokemon more power.

There are different categories of Pokemon such as psychic Pokemon who can read minds, hypnotize, and “consume” people’s dreams. Poison Pokemon rely on poison, stealth, silence, and the breaking of opponents’ bones to get their way. Electric Pokemon resort to lightning bolts and explosions to overcome their opponents.

Some of the cards contain occult symbols such as Kadabra who sports a pentagram on his forehead, SSS on his chest and is depicted giving the satanic salute with his left hand.

Many say this is all just a game, but not according to the website. It takes this game much further by encouraging children to “carry your Pokemon with you, and you’re ready for anything! You’ve got the power in your hands, so use it!”

Of course, children believe this and are frequently seen mimicking the game in real life by summoning their Pokemon to attack people who they don’t like. And why shouldn’t they? The game sets no boundaries as to when and where children can use the “powers” behind these little monsters.

As a result, some children will certainly become involved to the occult. Remember, the occult pertains to any system that claims to use or have knowledge of secret or supernatural powers or agencies. These powers can come in all shapes and sizes – even in childrens’ games. But this is nothing new. Satan has long been hiding himself in innocent parlor “games” such as the Ouija board and tarot cards.

Speaking of which, another problem with Pokemon is that the website links to a variety of other occult games such as Magic: the Gathering which caused horrendous problems in a New York elementary school 10 years ago. You can read about it here.

Poor catechesis coupled with the infiltration of the occult into children’s literature, videos and games has created a “perfect storm” that is allowing our children to have direct contact with evil right under the noses of their utterly clueless parents and educators.

We can only thank God for people like NH who are not afraid to buck the tide and ask the right questions.

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