Former Royal Butler Hears Diana Giggle from the Grave

Princess Diana in 1995

The home of Princess Diana’s former butler is reportedly haunted by the ghost of the Princess whose voice from the grave was recently captured on the recorder of famed paranormal expert, Ian Lawman.

The Daily Mail is reporting on the story of Paul Burrell, former royal butler to Princess Diana, who will appear on a forthcoming episode of Celebrity Help! My House is Haunted on Discovery Plus. Burrell and his husband, retired litigation lawyer Graham Cooper, believe their Cheshire home is haunted by the former Princess of Wales.

The two called in paranormal investigators after experiencing a variety of unexplained activity in the house ranging from figures appearing at the foot of their bed, an unexplained smell of tobacco, and thudding noises.

Having been very close to the Princess, who she claimed was “the only man I ever trusted,” Paul told The Metro that he has often wondered if Diana was trying to reach out to him after her tragic death in Paris in 1997.

“I think if anybody could come back, it would be the Princess,” Burrell said. “And if she wanted to tell me something, I think my Princess would come to me.”

He revealed that Diana was heavily involved with mediums, psychics and astrologers in her life and that she had introduced him to these practices, even though he admitted that he was never convinced. He said she would often giggle and ask him, “You don’t believe, do you?”

It came as no surprise to him when Ian Lawman arrived with his team and immediately announced that he felt a “female presence” whose energy was “all around” the house.

At one point, when Lawman saw a picture of Diana in the house, the Mirror reports that he became emotional and revealed that he had consulted with the Princess just two months before her death.

”I used to read for Princess Diana and that’s the emotion I’ve been feeling in the house,” he said during the show. “She’s trying to get a message to Paul.”

In order to facilitate that communication, the team stages a session with Burrell who calls out to Diana’s spirit, “Hello, hello! It’s me. Are you watching over me?”

An alleged voice is recorded on the group’s EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) meter which seems to say, “I’m here. Sorry.”

Burrell becomes emotional and says, “You don’t have to be sorry.”

They hear another so-called voice on the meter, which they believe uttered the words “France” and “sorry”.

“I don’t understand why it would say France other than the fact that the Princess died in France and the fact I went to France to bring her home,” he told the Mirror.

He also believes that Diana was responsible for leading Lawman and his team to his home.

“Because she was the connection to that world that brought him into my orbit,” he said. “I thought that was typical – that’s what she would do. She’d have a joke and a prank about it. I thought she was playing with me. I could hear her giggle and it is unmistakable to me. As if she is having a bit of fun on the other side. And then I remembered she said to me ‘One day you’ll believe what I am telling you’.”

Burrell appears to be finally convinced that, 25 years after her death, Diana is reaching out to him from the “other side.”

But is this really possible? This blog explains why the dead can’t communicate with the living without the express permission and assistance of God, and why the voices and energy spikes caught on the fancy equipment of ghostbusters are due to either normal electrical activity or demons masquerading as the dead.

As Father Herbert Thurston, famed paranormal investigator of the 20th century surmised, “What we know for certain is that the attempt to communicate with the unseen through spiritualist practices is extremely dangerous and that the Church…has wisely forbidden it.”

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