The Problem with Tesla BioHealing Products

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943)

Over the past two weeks, we have had numerous questions from people who are concerned about friends and relatives who are spending enormous amounts of money on Tesla Bio-Healing products which claim the ability to heal by generating a concentrated field of “pure Life Force Energy.” What does the science have to say about these products?

Because there is no such thing as the “Life Force Energy” that Tesla products are based upon, none of the claims made by the purveyors of these products have any scientific merit. Even though the products are registered with the FDA as over-the-counter medical devices, this only means that a device can be offered for sale directly to the consumer without a prescription. It has nothing to do with the efficacy of the product.

For those who have never heard of Tesla products before, they are not related in any way to the car or Elan Musk. These are devices known as “biohealers” and “medbed generators.” The biohealers (cost $599 – $2995) are 3.4” x 4” cans that allegedly generate a Life Force Energy field of around three feet. A person sits within this radius for @8 hours a day, preferably at night while sleeping, and the “natural wave energy,” also known as Tesla Waves or scalar waves, that are released from the device are supposedly capable of increasing the energy potential of any cell in the body, thus making it a non-invasive approach to healing which relies upon the body’s own “innate organizing intelligence.”

The medbed generators (cost $19,999) are larger devices that claim to be over 100x more powerful than the biohealers and are placed under the bed for use by people who have serious medical conditions. One can either purchase the generators, or a person can schedule a session using the bed on a hourly or overnight basis at a center that offers this service (prices vary between $120 for an hour to $300 overnight). The company also sells biohealers for children and pets as well.

These products are named after Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), a Serbian physicist, engineer and inventor. A brilliant man, he once worked for Thomas Edison and was known to be able to memorize entire books and store logarithmic tables in his head. He was able to work for days and nights on only a few hours sleep while studying electrical engineering at the Polytechnic Institute at Graz in Austria.

As brilliant as he was, Tesla also had a quirky side. The son of a Serbian Orthodox priest, when his older brother Daniel was killed in a riding accident in 1863, the shock of the loss so unsettled him that he began to see visions, which is viewed as the first sign of lifelong mental illness.

An obsessive thinker, as a student he once spent six years “thinking” about electromagnetic fields and a hypothetical motor powered by alternate-current that he believed should work. “The thoughts obsessed him, and he was unable to focus on his schoolwork. Professors at the university warned Tesla’s father that the young scholar’s working and sleeping habits were killing him. But rather than finish his studies, Tesla became a gambling addict, lost all his tuition money, dropped out of school and suffered a nervous breakdown. It would not be his last.”

He eventually moved to America and although he made outstanding contributions to the study of electrical engineering, such as the invention of electric oscillators, meters, and high-voltage transformers known as the Tesla coil, mental illness would eventually leave him almost penniless.

By 1912, he was beginning to show signs of obsessive compulsive disorder and was believed to be a high-functioning autistic. He became obsessed with cleanliness, insisted upon having 18 napkins on his table during meals and had a violent aversion to earrings and pearls.

As Smithsonian Magazine writes, “Near the end of his life, Tesla became fixated on pigeons, especially a specific white female, which he claimed to love almost as one would love a human being. One night, Tesla claimed the white pigeon visited him through an open window at his hotel, and he believed the bird had come to tell him she was dying…The pigeon died in his arms, and the inventor claimed that in that moment, he knew that he had finished his life’s work.”

Having lived during a time of rapid discovery and invention in the field of electricity, it is not surprising that Tesla would have ventured from the field of veritable (scientifically proven) energy into the area of putative energy which we now know to be non-existent.

There is no peer-reviewed science behind ANY Tesla bio-healing products. The only evidence they have comes from “user testimonials” which are meaningless, and their own testing which means it is biased and therefore does not qualify as methodologically sound science.

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