What is a Portal?

AM writes: “I often hear you talking about portals on Wacky Wednesday and how they can open the door to Satan. What exactly are they?”

A beautiful explanation of a portal was given by Gary Sullivan of Catholic365 who writes:
“As Catholics we believe we can experience portals into the supernatural. We have a sense that the objects, events, and persons of daily life are revelations of grace. Statues, rosary beads, candles, holy bibles, relics, holy water, icons, holy cards and the sacraments themselves act as portals through which we encounter holiness and grace. When we utilize sacramentals, relics or sacred art and architecture, we are orienting ourselves to the holy, to the sacred. When we make the sign of the cross slowly and deliberately, and when we pray we are actually opening doors. We are inviting heaven, angels, saints and God himself to enter into our spiritual space.”

In the same way, items such as tarot cards, Ouija boards, magic spells, sigils, etc. that are used to invoke powers that are not sourced in God, also open doors – to the demonic.

As Dan Schneider, PhD warns in his book, Liber Christo, “Make no mistake: incantations, rituals using inanimate objects such as feathers, hair, clothing, love potions, crystals, etc. are all forms of prayers of petition to the demon behind them.”

This explains why a significant number of possessions and serious cases of obsession begin with the use of these objects because they open the door to Satan the way a prayer to God opens the door to God. When we make the decision to turn to alternative sources for help with our problems instead of entrusting ourselves to God’s providence, we open the door which now gives permission for the demon to respond. He is especially anxious to do this when the petitioner has the seal of Baptism on his soul because demons consider them to be a much more precious prize.

Once this door has been opened, the devil has much more access to you. Previously, he could only employ ordinary tactics against the soul in the form of temptation. But once the door has been opened, he is now able to employ extraordinary tactics which include infestations, oppression, obsession, and possession. In other words, he steps up his game and can begin to attack you in much more serious and destructive ways, all because you gave him permission to do so by turning toward him and away from Jesus Christ who is the only source of protection against him.

Understanding the concept of portals is a basic teaching of demonology and is why it’s so important to educate oneself on this subject with credible sources, such as the writings of exorcists, rather than relying on Hollywood depictions or the fantasies of novelists and video game producers.

Whether we intend to do so or not, Dr. Schneider warns that when we open this door to Satan, we’re not only inviting chaos and destruction into our lives, we’re behaving like the soldier who walks into the enemy’s camp and promises to give information about his army’s battle plan.

“He would be called a traitor, and rightly so, but welcomed into the enemy’s camp with open arms. You are a spiritual traitor to the living God when you seek favors from the infernal enemy. Once inside his camp, it is not easy to get out.”

Once the door is opened, it’s very difficult to close it and only sincere repentance in the Sacrament of Confession, and a serious return to the practice of the faith will be required to close this door, and keep it locked.

Geographical locations such as Esalen in California and Sedona in Arizona are also used as portals by New Age enthusiasts. You can read more about them here.

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