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Why People Believe Alternatives Work...Even When They Don't

Have you ever wondered why people are so convinced that therapies work, even when there is no science to prove it? Almost every New Age alternative has a website full of testimonials from people who really believe the technique worked. Are these people lying or just deluded?

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Energy Medicine: 21st Century Snake Oil

(Image courtesy of Wesley Fryer at Wikicommons)

People write to us all the time with questions about the various energy medicine techniques – from Reiki to tai chi and everything in between – so I decided to write a general overview of energy medicine that can provide additional details for those who wish to learn more.

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Why You Shouldn't Waste Your Money on Bioresonance Devices

The Wacky Wednesday edition of EWTN’s Women of Grace® Live Radio is always an interesting show that never fails to turn up questions about some of the wackiest New Age practices and “treatments” on the planet – such as whether or not a “bioresonance” device known as the Healy can really keep us healthy.

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Nine-Year-Old Girl Proves New Age Energy Fields Don’t Exist

Emily Rosa at age 11, the year she published the study in JAMA (photo courtesy of her mother, Linda Rosa RN and Wikicommons)

New Age energy workers insist that the cause of all of mankind’s ills are related to imbalances in an alleged universal life force energy known as chi, qi, prana, vital force, etc. Thanks to the sophistication of modern science, it was easy to prove that this energy doesn’t exist, so easy, in fact, that a nine-year-old girl thoroughly debunked the claims of these “energy workers” in a fourth-grade science fair project!

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What Does Your Aura Say About You?

New Age practitioners swear by them and claim you can tell just about anything about a person by reading it. Others believe you can use it to diagnose illness and change the way a person thinks. What is this remarkable tool?

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