Bogus Degrees from “Metaphysical” Schools

5548368_sWe recently had an inquiry about the University of Metaphysics from a concerned husband whose wife became involved with the University and is now calling herself a “doctor” after receiving a Ph.D. in just six months. Is this school legit?

Absolutely not. The University of Metaphysics, operating under the auspices of the International Metaphysical Ministry, is the epitome of the New Age which thrives on their own version of metaphysics. (Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that deals with first principles of things as well as abstract concepts such as being, knowing, substance, cause, identity, time and space. Of course, Catholics rely on revealed truth about first things, being, knowing, etc. New Agers make up their version as they go along.)

The University is the brainchild of “Dr.” Paul Leon Masters (1935-2016) who was a Rosicrucian (a worldwide brotherhood that claims to possess a secret esoteric wisdom handed down from ancient times).

Masters received his degrees from non credentialed schools (which the university politely refers to as “nontraditional”). He earned two doctorates, the second one from a metaphysical college  which focused on New Thought teachings (the New Thought movement is the predecessor to today’s New Age movement).

Being unable to do anything with this degree outside of New Age circles, he founded the University of Metaphysics in 1976, the International Metaphysical Ministry in 1989 and the University of Sedona in 2003.

“He deservedly earned recognition as the world’s foremost teacher of metaphysical doctors, teachers, and ministers, offering self-paced, distance learning degree programs in Holistic, New Thought, Theocentric, Transcendent, and Transpersonal Metaphysics,” the site boasts. “But the most important achievements of all Dr. Paul Masters’ efforts were the support and advancement of higher consciousness research, education, and advanced New Thought Metaphysics.”

Unfortunately, his “recognition” was never enough recognition to earn accreditation, which the university claims is because U.S. law is prohibited from crediting or discrediting “a non-secular institution of Higher Consciousness/Spiritual Education.”

Paul Leon Masters

Paul Leon Masters

Instead, they encourage students to look for other qualities in these “schools” such as how long the school has been in existence, the experience of the founder, its reputation, etc.

A look at its principal officers is also enlightening. For instance, Rev. Michelle-Angela Behr serves as CEO and Chairperson of the Board of Directors and was handpicked by Masters to succeed him. Her personal interests include scared geometry, Reiki, astrology, and quantum physics.

Lydia L. Reineck, Ph.D. is the president of the University’s Educational Systems. She has studied Hinduism, Buddhism, Carl Jung’s writings on dreams and archetypes, Reiki, and astrology. Reineck also traveled to India five times where she meditated in “mystically charged sites,” each of which housed advanced teachers such as the Buddha over the centuries.

Even the office manager has a story to tell: Mary E. Gladieux claims to have had an out of body experience during childbirth.

The university offers Bachelor’s, Masters and Doctoral programs (these cannot be substituted for authentic degrees, however). Tuition options range anywhere from $1,300 to $4,500. Because the courses are all distance-learning, the time needed to complete the requirements is up to the student.

What can be done with this degree? Nothing outside of the New Age.

As the University recommends, “You can follow a multitude of metaphysical and spiritual careers by becoming, for example, a teacher, life coach, counselor, metaphysical practitioner, wellness practitioner or minister. By attaining a doctoral career, you will be helping others to improve their lives through Holistic, New Thought, Transcendental, Transpersonal, Mystical Metaphysical Awareness and Practices. . . . Degrees earned from our University Systems will also give you credibility and legitimacy in the Metaphysical field, so you will have the opportunity to earn a living, utilizing the spiritual gifts and talents you were bestowed with.”

Listen to how some of the school’s graduates are using their spiritual gifts.

Dr. Donna Fink DD who has a Doctor of Divinity specializing in Spiritual Healing, is a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, Certified Natural Health Practitioner, Reiki Master and High Priestess of a program known as Daughters of the Moon.

Dr. Daniel E. Bartlett Dsc.D gives readings from the Akashic Records (a collection of mystical knowledge believed to be contained on a non-physical plane of existence).

Before coming to the International Metaphysical Ministry, the Rev. Molly C. Cook relied upon her spirit guides to teach her and has studied past life regression, chakras, dream interpretation, reincarnation, meditation, colors, and crystals. She earned her Minister’s degree and is now hosting weekly meditation classes.

Needless to say, this “University” is a New Age construct that has no legitimacy outside of its own select circles. It is based in a belief system that is not compatible with Christianity and encourages occult-based practices that expose the unwitting to demonic forces.

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