The Mystery of the “Macbeth” Curse

                                 MacBeth and the Witches (Wikicommons)

DD asks: “Is there any truth to the belief that the play, Macbeth, was once cursed by a coven of witches, which is why there are so many accidents during productions of the play?”

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Kimbaleh Necklaces & New Age/Occult Objects

CSH writes: “I was just going through my closets cleaning house and came across a necklace called a Kimbaleh, that I wore years ago. I actually enjoyed wearing it and liked the sound of the windchime. Becoming more aware at my older age of the new age movement, I am wondering if this is an item that I should not have in my possesion and need to throw in the trash? I didn’t find much about them on the internet but what I did see has made me concerned.”

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