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Kimbaleh Necklaces are New Age

CSH writes: “I was just going through my closets cleaning house and came across a necklace called a Kimbaleh, that I wore years ago. I actually enjoyed wearing it and liked the sound of the windchime. Becoming more aware at my older age of the new age movement, I am wondering if this is an item that I should not have in my possesion and need to throw in the trash? I didn't find much about them on the internet but what I did see has made me concerned.”

CSH, the Holy Spirit has truly prompted you to ask this question! May He be praised forevermore!

Yes, you should destroy this necklace immediately. As you probably read from the internet where these things are for sale, a Kimbaleh necklace is definitely a New Age creation.

Fashioned in the shape of a wind chime, the purveyors of this necklace claim that it is “diatonically tuned to harmonize with the universal musical vibrations.” (Diatonic means a musical scale.) A gemstone placed in the center of the pendant supposedly contains some kind of magical power that brings the wearer peace, prosperity, good health, etc. One seller goes so far as to say that the ringing of the chimes summons one’s Guardian Angel – a claim for which there is no scriptural support.

However, one seller’s advertisement rang a few alarm bells for me. “Each necklace is signed with a K and a blessing from the artist” it said.

This is the greatest danger in wearing or owning New Age objects – what kind of “blessing” did this artist put upon it? Who is the artist and does he/she have a background in the occult? If so, this “blessing” probably involves invocations to demons (they call them “spirit guides,” “ascended masters”) and may even have been used in any number of magical/occult rituals.

As this blog explains, it is actually quite common for the creators of New Age trinkets and charms to put “blessings” or other invocations on these items with many of them truly believing they are spreading good will and helping people by doing so. This is also true with many homeopathic and other “holistic” remedies, oils and brews.

For this reason, Bishop Donald W. Montrose warns Catholics in his excellent pastoral letter, “Spiritual Warfare: The Occult has Demonic Influence,” not to keep any New Age, occult-based or other objects used for superstitious purposes (horoscopes, talismans, jewelry, “medicine wheels,” books/pamphlets, etc) in the home or on our person and advises that they be destroyed immediately.

CSH, if I were you, I’d go toss that thing in the trash right now.