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Can Satan Heal?

                                                                                                  Photo by Elia Pellegrini on Unsplash

JJ writes: "I have a friend and practicing Catholic who has found healing from a medical medium. Even though the Church condemns mediumship, she believes that because she was healed, that it must be of God because Satan cannot heal. I haven't had any luck researching this on my own, but can Satan provide healing as part of his deception?"

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Feast Day Mini-Study: St. Monica

August 27th

Saint Monica of Hippo

331 - 387

Most of us are familiar with Saint Monica, the mother of the great Saint Augustine. As the story goes, Monica had a wayward child in her son Augustine. He was a great success, but he wasn't living a moral life and he wasn't growling in holiness. In fact, his behavior was leading him away from holiness and away from God altogether. Back at home, his mother, Monica, prayed fervently for the conversion of her son, Augustine. Not only was St. Monica's prayer time consumed with the conversion of her son, but also with the conversion of her husband, who was known to be adulterous and abusive to Monica. St. Monica persisted in prayer. God would reward this beautiful Saint for her endless petitions with the answer to prayer she had sought for so long!

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Celestial Mathematics: The Conversion of Shia LaBeouf

(Department of Defense photo by Marvin Lynchard, courtesy of Wikicommons)

Down on his luck and on the verge of suicide, actor Shia LaBeouff stunned both Hollywood and the Catholic Church last week when he announced his conversion to Catholicism while playing the role of St. Pio of Pietrelcina in an upcoming film – an event he referred to as the result of some very unexpected “celestial mathematics.”

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Can Practicing Karate be Considered Good Christian Family Time?

AP writes: "A friend of mine from work, Chris, is a practicing Catholic with 5 children.  Before marriage, he was even in the seminary.  He is very orthodox.  He also happens to have a number of black belts in all sorts of martial arts. I have two teenage daughters and and a 11 year old son.  I want them to be able to protect themselves, especially when they go off to college.  Last night, Chris came over and gave us family Karate lessons. I thought it was wonderful.  The stretching and exercising were great.  He talked about the Eucharist.  The only thing that was a little bizarre is that in Okinawan Karate, and I think other Karate, they bow when they enter the dojo. . .

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