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Lenten Journey Day 46

March 31
Adorn Your Soul with Mary’s Virtues, Day 2

Closing Prayer to Our Lady

O Mary, our Mother, with thine arms outstretched – those tender arms in which the eternal God delighted to dwell when He became our blood Brother – plead our cause. With thine eyes of mercy, beseech of Him for us, thy children, the grace that in our exile we may resemble thee, His most devoted follower, and so at last, in union with thee, may glorify Him forever!

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Obedience and Surrender

“All that is done by obedience is meritorious . . . It is obedience, which, by the light of Faith, puts self-will to death, and causes the obedient man to despise his own will and throw himself into the arms of his superior . . . Placed in the bark of obedience, he passes happily through the stormy sea of this life, in peace of soul and tranquility of heart. Obedience and faith disperse darkness; he is strong because he has no longer any weakness or fears, for self-will, which is the cause of inordinate fear and weakness, has been destroyed.”

-Saint Catherine of Siena

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Lenten Journey Day 45

March 30

Adorn Your Soul with Mary’s Virtues, Day 1

“...since the measure of our grace will always be inferior to [Mary’s}, we must adorn our souls with virtue through correspondence with the degree of grace that God bestows on us. Thus will we walk in her footsteps and, like her, grow in humility, in purity, and in love of God.”

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Lenten Journey Day 43

March 28
Let the Holy Spirit Pray Within You

“Our prayer, like Mary’s and the Apostle’s, must come from our hearts under the absolute dominion of the Holy Spirit. The love of God above all things, detachment from the world, and an abiding sense of the supernatural, ore recollection – these are the prerequisites of prayer.”

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Why You Should Avoid Facebook Quizzes

TO asks: “What about those ‘quizzes’ on Facebook that come up with things like who is your guardian angel, what will your year be like, things like that. I play the quizzes just to see the results but I don't believe in them, even though it would be nice if they were true like meeting the man of my dreams this year, LOL. Should these things be avoided?”

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The Grunt Padre: A Holy Week Journey Toward Sainthood

As a Lieutenant in the U. S. Navy Chaplain Corps, Father Vincent Capodanno finally reached a much-anticipated goal, arriving in Vietnam during Holy Week, 1966. While he couldn’t know it at the time, stepping onto Vietnamese soil initiated his journey to his own personal passion, his own way of the cross, at the same time that the Passion of Jesus was being commemorated.

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