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Real Life, Real Faith: Infidelity

We receive many letters and emails about situations in life that are not easily resolved. And yet, we know God has a plan for us in the midst of every circumstance and event. Recently, I heard from a woman who had just discovered her husband of nearly twenty years had been cheating on her. She was devastated and reeling from the shock. However, she wanted to try to make a go of things and wondered if I had ever heard of a couple who were able to repair the damage caused by such a deep and pervasive marital breach. My sad reply was, "Not many." And I think there is a reason for this. If a marriage has survived infidelity, I doubt the couple would talk about it freely.  It is just too private a matter. But it occurred to me that if there were an anonymous way for individuals who have healed from this pain to offer encouragement, support,  and suggestions for others who were experiencing it, then much good might be accomplished.

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Health Care Alternative Being Stalled in Committee

By Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

Staff Writer


An alternative to the contentious health care reforms currently circulating on the Hill is being deliberately held up in Committee by House leadership. This alternative will allow individuals to choose their health insurance, provide insurance for the poor and high-risk individuals (those with pre-existing conditions), allow insurance to be sold across state lines and set limits on the kind of medical liability suits that have been driving up health care costs.

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Kennedy’s Letter to Pope Offers No Apologies

By Susan Brinkmann, OCDS Staff Writer In a letter written to Pope Benedict XVI only months before his death and hand-delivered by President Barack Obama during his July 2009 audience at the Vatican, the late Sen. Edward Kennedy acknowledges his human failures but offers no apology for his career-long support for abortion rights.

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The "Monica" Method: How to Evangelize Your Loved One

The past two days mark the feasts of two great saints of the Church, a mother and a son, whose lives give testimony to a sure-fired method of evangelizing those we love.

St. Monica (August 27) is the mother of St. Augustine (August 28), though Augustine was no saint when Monica began her earnest intercession. At that time he was a pagan and a member of the heretical Manichean sect. He was known to be a carouser who lived with a woman to whom he had fathered a child. A brilliant mind, he was "devoted" to his views and his lifestyle, and had no intention of converting to the Catholic faith. 

St. Monica was distraught about her son's dissolute ways and decided to do something about it. She prayed. And in the end, her prayers won the soul of her son.

What was it that made St. Monica's prayers so effective? I think five strategies are primarily responsible. Perhaps you can implement them as you seek to evangelize those you love.

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