How the New Age Gave Crystals a Bad Name

Every year around this time we get email from people who received jewelry for Christmas gifts that contain crystals or other gemstones and they’re worried about the superstitious uses of these stones. Is it safe to wear this jewelry? Should we give these gifts back?

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Shen Yun: The Disturbing Backstory

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Over the past month, we have received several requests from people who received gifts to Shen Yun performances as Christmas gifts. At first, I was surprised by the question because I had seen ads in my hometown for these shows and thought they looked like spectacular performances (albeit a bit pricey). But then I started to do a little research and was quite surprised by what I found.

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Faithful Demand Cancellation of Disney Cartoon Promoting Witchcraft to Children

Before Christmas, it was a book teaching children how to contact demons; now it’s a new Disney cartoon series called The Owl House that not only promotes witchcraft to children, it features a sorceress and a “friendly” demon who help a young girl fulfill her dream of becoming a witch.

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UK Witchcraft Haven Scene of Satanic Animal Abuse

New Forest, UK (Photo credit Jim Champion, Wikicommons Images)

In the same UK forest where the infamous Gerald Gardner, father of modern witchcraft, met with his coven to perform magic rituals, animals have been found slashed and stabbed to death with satanic symbols painted on their bodies.

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