For Mother’s Day : A Martyrdom of Love


In January this year I sat in my kitchen early one morning, bleary-eyed after a fractured night’s sleep. (And I’m using the term “sleep” quite loosely.)  The former night’s guilty parties, ages 2 and 5, lounged – in varied stages of consciousness themselves – on the couch, while I clutched a mug of coffee and scrolled through the day’s news stories.  Suddenly I was wide awake, as I came upon the headlines of several Catholic sites: “Pope says Motherhood is Martyrdom.”  Whoa. Read the rest…

Tsunami of Criticism Hits Planned Parenthood Over Mother’s Day Promo

By Susan Brinkmann, OCDS
Staff Writer

A popular children’s author who suggested that people honor their mother this Mother’s Day by contributing to Planned Parenthood has caused such a deluge of outraged e-mails and phone calls that Planned Parenthood has issued a call for “help!”

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