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Tsunami of Criticism Hits Planned Parenthood Over Mother’s Day Promo

By Susan Brinkmann, OCDS Staff Writer A popular children’s author who suggested that people honor their mother this Mother’s Day by contributing to Planned Parenthood has caused such a deluge of outraged e-mails and phone calls that Planned Parenthood has issued a call for “help!” The furor began a few days ago when children’s author Judy Blume attempted to raise money for Planned Parenthood by publishing a Mother’s Day letter suggesting that  people “say thanks this Mother's Day with a gift that honors her courage by making a donation to the Planned Parenthood Action Fund in her name.” Blume goes on to make the outrageous statement: “There is no organization that I know of that supports motherhood and all that it means more than Planned Parenthood.” As part of the offer, Planned Parenthood promises to send a card to any donor's mother saying that a person sent them a donation in her name. Criticism of Blume’s total lack of taste caused a deluge of e-mails and phone calls to the author and prompted Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards to send out an emergency e-mail blast asking supporters to help her respond to the backlash. According to a report by, the e-mail reads, in part: "Yesterday, Judy Blume — a beloved writer and icon to generations of women — graciously wrote a letter about Mother's Day for Planned Parenthood. Now, anti-choice extremists are inundating her with hate mail and phone calls. "We rarely respond to these outrageous attacks, but when it comes to Judy Blume ... well, I can't stand by and do nothing. I just can't," Richards added. "Please, let her know how much we appreciate her courage." The Planned Parenthood email directs abortion backers to sign a form with a pre-written letter thanking Judy for speaking out and urging friends to do the same. The form contains a varied message to Planned Parenthood supporters from Richards, including the claim that Blume received death threats, although she provided no proof of this. Richards goes on to say she hopes the opposition to Blume's promoting abortion on Mother's Day would result in more donations to the abortion giant, which took in more than $1 billion in revenue during its last fiscal year. © All Rights Reserved, Living His Life Abundantly/Women of Grace.




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