Give us Life

July 24

“Will you not instead give us life; and shall not your people rejoice in you? Show us, O LORD, your kindness, and grant us your salvation.”

How beautiful this hope is: our Lord gives life, and we are to rejoice in it! And what a wonderful week to hear this in preparation for the anniversary of Humanae Vitae tomorrow.
How does He give us life? From the moment of conception throughout the ENTIRETY of our lives; He shows up and continues to pour life into us. And we are to REJOICE!
How tough, though, it is to rejoice when life is a struggle; yet, we need to be reminded to keep rejoicing! Why? Because He wants us to, He tells us to, and He is giving us life even when it doesn’t feel like it. Our entire life is in His hands. What a profound truth!

Tonight, think of your life, and write down one thing you remember God having done for you. And remember to… REJOICE!

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