Aiding Humanity

July 24

“To be able to discover the actual will of the Lord in our lives always involves the following: a receptive listening to the Word of God and the Church, fervent and constant prayer, recourse to a wise and loving spiritual guide, and a faithful discernment of the gifts and talents given by God, as well as the diverse social and historic situations in which one lives.”
-St. John Paul II
    Today’s Reflection:
If we are going to fulfill our call as women who “aid humanity in not falling” and are the healers of the world, it is essential that we cultivate the fruit of wisdom in our lives.  Longing to live out the fullness of our mission, we must approach each day with the mind of Christ.  Conforming to the will of God, renewing the mind through obedience, practicing the virtues, contemplative reflection, spiritual direction, and docility to the movement of the Holy Spirit–in all these ways we grow in wisdom and make progress in the spiritual life.
Which of the above actions do I need to take in order to grow deeper in wisdom and to make progress in my own spiritual life?
Reflection taken from Full of Grace: Women and the Abundant Life
by Johnnette S. Benkovic
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