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"Easy World" = New Age La La Land

julia hamrickFL writes: “I am concerned about an acquaintance of mine who has embraced the thoughts and feelings of a concept/lifestyle called, "Easy World" by Julia Rogers Hamrick. I looked at a couple of her youtube videos to see what they were attracted to regarding this subject. I don't care for the thoughts and looks of this (as I am Catholic) and it seems to substitute a person's natural feelings of right and wrong and Love from God by playing misdirected mind games within this 'easy world' philosophy. Have you heard of this 'easy world idea' and person, Julia Hamrick? And, might you think people are using this as a substitute for the truth and a true relationship with Our Almighty Father?"

I never heard of Hamrick or her “Easy World” until you brought it to our attention. Thank you!

After reviewing her website, I can confirm that your impressions are spot on! This is classic New Age mumbo-jumbo which substitutes worship of Self for worship of God.

If you’ve never heard of it, Hamrick describes Easy World as a place where we align ourselves with “the powerful magnetic force of the Divine Design for Harmony . . .” which allows “universal forces” to operate on our behalf, without our interference, thus allowing us to just sit back and enjoy a perfectly harmonious life.

“Easy World is the reality matrix set up to entirely support your well-being and harmony with the Whole of Creation,” Hamrick writes. “When you are in the Easy World reality, harmony and ease prevail and things work out as if by magic. Easy World is the home of what we consider to be ‘magic,’ but magic is nothing special in Easy World—it is normal.”

This powerful magnetic force – which she refers to as the Source (Love) - is constantly trying to pull us into it. This means that as long as we relax and allow it do so, we’re there.

And all a person has to do is repeat one simple phrase: “I choose to live in Easy World, where everything is easy.”

Once done, a person can enjoy a stress-free, effortless life.

If only it was so easy!

But according to Hamrick, it is! Referring to herself as a “spiritual teacher” for more than 25 years, she has written several books based on this fictitious place – Choosing Easy World, Easy World Magic Lessons, and Recreating Eden.

Her clients refer to her as a “highly sensitive intuitive channel” who has a natural ability to attune with a person’s Spirit (with a capital “S”). Hamrick offers spiritual consulting and mentoring services to clients. One of these services is an “attunement” in which she’s able to see how you are blocking alignment with your “authentic power” and teaches you how to clear this blockage. Sessions are said to include energy balancing and healing activities according to the “Spirit’s

These services cost $222 for 60 minutes and $288 for 90 minutes. According to her website, it can take up to a month to get an appointment.

In summary, Hamrick’s work is a typical mix of New Age and occult practices that focus on harnessing occult powers for the purpose of the enrichment of the Self. The “Source” she refers to is not God nor is it any of his angels because this is not how He chose to reveal Himself to us. “I am who am” is a Person, not an energy force. And because the only other beings that exist in the supernatural realm - disembodied human beings - don’t have the kind of magical powers she refers to, there’s only one other known being from whom “gifts” of this caliber can come – Satan. She can refer to this “Source” by whatever name she chooses, but it is what it is – demonic.

My suggestion would be to show this blog to your friend and encourage him/her in the strongest possible terms to come into the only authentic “easy world” which is a life of union with Jesus Christ. Millions upon millions of souls have felt the same peace and serenity Hamrick describes by casting their cares upon Him who cares for them.

Why go to la la land and dance with the devil when you can experience heaven on earth in the very arms of its Creator?

For me, the choice is obvious!