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Migrant Sex Crimes in Europe Expected to Increase

german govt bldgOther countries are now reporting incidents of sexual assault by migrant “sex gangs” on New Year’s Eve and experts are now warning that the situation will only get worse as the rapid influx of young, unaccompanied Arab men into Europe creates a serious gender imbalance in European nations.

The Daily Mail is reporting on the continuing scandal gripping Germany and other European countries such as Switzerland and Austria where women were attacked by mobs of Arab and/or North African “sex gangs” on New Year’s Eve.

“Crimes such as rape and sexual harassment become more common in highly masculinised societies, and women's ability to move about freely and without fear within society is curtailed,” said Dr. Valerie Hudson of Texas A&M University to Politico. “In addition, demand for prostitution soars.”

This has already been happening in countries such as Sweden where a skewed gender imbalance is making life difficult for young women and raising serious concerns about the immigration policies of that nation.

“While the humanitarian needs of the refugees streaming into Europe must be foremost in our minds at this time, policy makers in Sweden and other countries should also think of the long-term consequences of an unprecedented alteration in the young adult sex ratios of their societies,” Hudson said.

Meanwhile, even more countries are reporting crimes similar to the attacks seen in Cologne last week where women celebrating the New Year were accosted and robbed by roving gangs of foreign men. More than 100 women were assaulted in Cologne that night, with 50 more reports coming from women in other German cities such as Stuttgard, Frankford and Hamburg.

Authorities say similar “sex gangs” are operating in Austria and six women reported identical crimes in Zurich on New Year’s Eve. Police in Finland also report intercepting information suggestion that similar attacks were planned for that country as well.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is now threatening to change the laws to make it easier to deport immigrants who break the law in that country.

The New Year’s Eve assaults were “repugnant criminal acts that... Germany will not accept,” she said, and threatened legal changes and extra police presence on the streets.

“The feeling women had in this case of being at people's mercy, without any protection, is intolerable for me personally as well,” she said. “And so it is important for everything that happened there to be put on the table.”

She added: “There are some very serious questions which arise from what has happened which have relevance beyond Cologne,” including establishing whether there are common patterns of behavior by some groups of people whose cultures do not respect women.

Stressing the need to find better ways to achieve “cultural coexistence”, she let authorities know that “we have a duty to give the right answers.”

Meanwhile, Cologne’s mayor, Henriette Rekel, who is enduring international scorn for her derogatory comments toward women after the attacks, apologized on Facebook for how her comments were interpreted. “I am really very sorry,” she said, although the pro-immigration activist still insists there is no evidence the attackers were refugees. This is in spite of Cologne police now saying that more than half of the 31 suspects arrested for the assaults are asylum seekers.

The debacle has already devastated the tourist trade in Cologne where hotels and guest houses are reporting numerous cancellations not just from tourist groups but from business clients as well.

The Mail reports on one group, supposedly travelling from the Ore Mountains which are located between the Czech Republic and Germany, who told Cologne tourism body: “Under the circumstances, I'm sure you will understand that we do not want to put our lives at risk.”

The managing director of the Cologne tourism body, Josef Sommer, admitted that the image of Cologne as an exhibition and business center has suffered “a tough blow”. In fact, the 1,500 members of the city’s Hotel and Guesthouse Association say they are “extremely worried about the future.”

And for good reasons. If experts are to be believed, the situation is only expected to get worse.




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