Hawaii Bishop Speaks Truth to Power

                                            Hawaii State Capitol, Honolulu

Bishop Larry Silva of the Diocese of Honolulu wrote a hard-hitting editorial about the new law legalizing assisted suicide in his state and raises serious questions about how it requires people to lie on death certificates and to insurance companies, how it disregards the eternal consequences of this choice and the guilt it imposes on families, and how it sends a dangerous message to youth that sometimes killing yourself is better than living.

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Young Cancer Victim Lobbies for Euthanasia

brittany maynardCommentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

A 29 year-old newlywed who is dying of terminal brain cancer has decided to move to Oregon where she can end her life on her own terms and has vowed to devote the rest of her days on earth to fighting for the right of all Americans to access assisted suicide.

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