Is Yoga Just Exercise? Not according to this little girl!

During a hilarious rant about the gym, this little girl talks about yoga at the gym, which she describes as “hineys in your face” and innocently reveals exactly what the teacher said about this so-called “exercise” class.

The Daily Mail is reporting on two year-old Mila Stauffer whose mother, Katie Stauffer, 39, posted a video to Instagram in which Mila describes the moment her mother asked if she wanted to go to the gym. The video has already had more than four million views.

Even at her young age, Mila has become quite the Internet star. She has been seen in similar rants about the perils of traveling and the first day of preschool.

But in this particular video she steps into the heart of the yoga debates – is it exercise or is it a spiritual practice?

Let’s see what she has to say about it.

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