Safety of Playdates in Homes Where Occult is Practiced

7205775 - illuminated lamb and cross in the skyJA writes: “I am a mom and we often go for playdates. Unfortunately many of our friends are using essential oils, homeopathics, yoga, Harry Potter, ….. my question is, can we visit their houses? Can they visit our house?”

As long as you and your children are in a state of grace, you will be fine.

Just for the record, essential oils and homeopathic drugs are not occult-related. While it’s true that witches use combinations of essential oils in their potions, and there is some evidence in the literature to support the theory that homeopathic solutions were divined from spirits, the oils and the drugs themselves are not occult-based, nor are their typical everyday uses.

The real danger is when the occupants of a house are engaged in outright occult practices such as sorcery (i.e., practicing the spells in the Harry Potter books), dabbling in wiccan rituals, playing with Ouija boards, performing Reiki “healings.” These actions call upon powers that are not sourced in God.

Even if the owner of the house thinks it’s just harmless “dabbling”, demons will come. And, as we all know, they have a bad habit of attaching themselves to both the one who summoned them and the domicile into which they are called.

And remember, Satan has no sense of justice – he comes when called – regardless of the intentions of the “dabbler.”

As for allowing persons who actively engage in these practices to visit your house, I would advise against it only because the spirits they are consorting with tend to become attached to them. 

However, if they are just using homeopathic drugs or essential oils. there should be no problem with allowing them into your home.

The bottom line is this – always remain in a state of grace. In this way, no matter situation you find yourself in, you will always be under the protection of our good and faithful God.


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