Toni the Tampon Coloring Book: Gender Theory Gone Mad



Commentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

For those of you who think you heard it all when it comes to the prevailing gender confusion – oops! sorry, meant gender theory – the creation of a coloring book entitled The Adventures of Toni the Tampon has a few more “progressive” ideas on the subject to share with you.

Newsbusters is reporting on the work of artist Cass Clemmer, who deliberately created a coloring book that would “affirm all menstruators.” The idea came from her experience of coming of age in a missionary community in the Democratic Republic of the Congo where women never spoke about menstruation. She wanted to create something that would stop the silence about this subject.

As Clemmer told Mashable’s Katie Dupere, she started carrying around a tampon nicknamed Toni about a year ago and documented its adventures “outside the wrapper” on her Instagram account.

“I went from hiding my tampon in my sleeve to taking photos of it in public,” Clemmer tells Mashable.

The idea, which stemmed from her desire to destigmatize menstruation, grew into a 20-page coloring book called The Adventures of Toni the Tampon, complete with illustrations by Clemmer. The book contains a full range of feminine product characters, including Marina the Menstrual cup, Patrice the Pad and Sebastian the Sponge.

Up to this point, Clemmer’s idea sounds laudable, doesn’t it?

“But wait!” warns Newsbusters Sarah Stites. “‘Feminine products’ is the wrong term. That’s exclusive.”

toni tamponYou see, Toni the Tampon has a gender-ambiguous name because Clemmer wants to “affirm all menstruators” by including genderqueer people with periods, that is, women who allegedly transition into men and who still get their periods (because they’re still women).

Even though this means making the book harder to sell, “I’d rather help just one genderqueer or trans menstruator feel like they were seen, than sell a thousand copies only to reinforce the boundaries society draws by gendering periods in the first place,” Clemmer says.

As ludicrous as this sounds, Stites uncovered other PC-inspired semantics that aim to normalize gender confusion.

For example, in August of 2016, both The Atlantic and Cosmo ran articles on “chestfeeding” which is a new and more inclusive name for breast-feeding. This name now includes women who allegedly transitioned into men but who still choose to breastfeed even though their breasts were removed. (Yes, they can still do this although not as well.)

Pregnancy is another term that is no longer the exclusive domain of women as evidenced by the pregnancy of a woman who now refers to herself as Evan who conceived a child after she stopped her hormone treatments.

The feminist group, Lady Parts Justice League, also got itself into trouble when activist Parker Molloy accused the group of “reinforcing biological essentialism, tying gender to genitals.”

As Stites concludes: “Although rational and scientific, the practice of biological essentialism [believing a person’s masculinity or femininity is innate] offends a minute subset of the American people, and must therefore be eliminated – according to the liberal media, at least.”

The moral of this story is twofold – the world has gone completely mad, and we’ll never run out of people to pray for. 

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