Exposing the “Pro-Choice/Personally Opposed” Excuse

fr frank pavoneFr. Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life, has written a hard-hitting op-ed that tears to pieces the argument used by too many politicians who promote abortion yet claim that they’re “personally opposed.”

“Imagine that you’re watching an infomercial,” Fr. Pavone begins.

“For almost a half hour, you hear the hosts promote a product, saying that it should be widely available because it offers so many benefits. But at the end of the program, after explaining how everyone could use this item, the hosts look into the camera and say, ‘We want you to know that, personally, we wouldn’t touch this product with a ten-foot pole. We have major problems with it, although we won’t tell you what those problems are. In fact, we won’t even describe to you how the product works. And forget about ever seeing it on TV. But if you still want it, we say go for it!’”

Sounds fishy, doesn’t it? Would you go for it?

Probably not.

“ . . . [B]ut that, in essence, is the pitch that politicians who are ‘personally opposed’ to abortion expect you to buy,” Fr. Pavone writes For Breitbart

“They insist that there’s a ‘right’ to take an unborn child’s life for any reason at any stage of pregnancy and that taxpayers should finance the procedure. They say abortion is beneficial to society. But in the same breath they add that they want nothing to do with it in their own lives. What’s more, these officials won’t say why they wouldn’t abort their own children.”

As for giving any detail about how an abortion procedure is performed, “mums the word” Fr. Pavone says. “They would never quote a line from the medical textbooks describing abortion. And forget about ever seeing it on TV.”

Senator Tim Kaine (D)

Senator Tim Kaine (D)

This hypocritical stance of “pro-choice/personally opposed” politicians all boils down to this: “ . . . [T]hey encourage abortion by making it as easily accessible as possible, but then turn around and refuse to defend what they encourage, or even describe what they defend.”

We’ve been hearing this mantra for decades now, most recently from Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Senator Tim Kaine, who professes to be Catholic but yet insists that “it is not the role of the public servant to mandate” the commands of his or her faith.

But in the case of abortion, why not, Fr. Pavone asks.

“Just because a policy coincides with your religious beliefs is no reason to claim that that policy cannot be enacted into law. Witness entire state criminal code sections that are in harmony with Biblical prohibitions on murder, stealing, and lying. The freedom to disbelieve the Bible isn’t the same as freedom to murder, steal, or lie.”

The Catholic church teaches that abortion takes a human life, and if a Catholic politician knows that it’s wrong to take a human life whether that be by abortion or any other means, how can they say that killing another person is merely a matter of personal conscience?

“The unavoidable truth for ‘pro-choice/personally opposed’ politicians, Catholic or otherwise, is that the baby in the womb is not a religious belief. He or she is a physical reality. The unborn child’s humanity is not established by the Church, it’s respected and upheld by the Church,” Fr. Pavone points out.

It’s science that teaches when a human life begins – at conception when egg and sperm unite to form the first cell of a human person. But the liberal politician who supports terminating the life of the unborn has to frame abortion as a religious questions because relying on the science would get too messy. Were they to acknowledge this, then they might have to talk about the “blood-and-guts inhumanity” of abortion, such as how the babies are dismembered, decapitated, and crushed by surgical instruments in the womb.

Perhaps the “pro-choice/personally opposed” politician could tell us why he/she personally opposes the dismemberment and decapitation of babies but allows it in the case of abortion.

“The days of the personally-opposed-to-abortion subterfuge are over,” Fr. Pavone writes. “If a politician wants abortion on demand to be legal, he should defend his position. And if he wants to run away from abortion while he promotes it, he should at least tell us why.”

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