Yoga Goes Topless

yoga exercise abstractMove over doggie yoga, hip-hop yoga, hot yoga, naked yoga, and laughter yoga. There’s a new game in town – topless yoga.

You heard me right. According to Breitbart, a weekly candlelit “Free the Nipple Yoga” class is scheduled to begin at Astroetic Studios in downtown Los Angeles on January 20.

Participants are encouraged to bring a mat, water, towel, and bottoms – but tops are “optional” according to their Facebook page.

The creators of the latest yoga craze claim to be a community “committed to uplifting others and dismantling the patriarchy – one asana at a time!” 

True to their rather obvious feminist agenda, they’re all about promoting gender equality “and encouraging a deeper appreciation for our miraculously unique bodies”. Their slogans are “Radical Acceptance”, “Body Positivity”, and “Gender Equality”.

“Free the Nipple yoga has a zero tolerance policy against objectifying or otherwise inappropriate behaviors,” the group declares.

The studio is offering a “twofer” on opening night – two people for $30 rather than just $20 a person per class.

As Breitbart explains, “The bare-breasted yoga class is an extension of a the Free the Nipple movement, which seeks to equalize men and women by taking one of the clearest anatomical differences between the two and minimizing it in the service of ‘equality’. The movement is an attempt to fight against the ‘sexualization’ of women’s breasts.”

I’m all for an end to the sexualization of women, but I hardly think sponsoring topless yoga classes is going to bring that about in an age when the degradation of women’s bodies by the media/culture is as commonplace as car commercials.

I’m sure these people mean well, but this is a serious subject that needs a much more serious response than the introduction of just another silly yoga class.


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