Nigerian Muslims Slaughter 500 Christians

By Susan Brinkmann, OCDS
Staff Journalist

A bloody rampage by Muslim gangs on a Christian village in Nigeria this weekend left more than 500 Christians dead.

According to a report by, the Nigerian government is blaming Muslim clans for the mass killing of Christians in the village of Dogo Nahawa and vicinity on Sunday.

David Kyeng, a local vigilante who fled to the hills when the attackers raided the three Christian villages, estimates hundreds of herdsmen from the Muslim Fulani staged the slaughter.

“I saw these attackers shooting into the air, scaring people out of their homes and hacking them as they tried to flee,” he told the press.

Pregnant women and children were among the hundreds of people killed by axes, daggers and cutlasses, officials said.

Much of the violence was centered on Dogo Nahawa, where gangs torched and destroyed nearly two thirds of the Christians’ homes.

This weekend’s bloody events are just the latest round of violence between rival ethnic and religious groups which has already claimed hundreds of lives since January.

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