An Exalted Virtue


“The virtue of obedience is an exaltedobedience23 virtue, eminently reasonable; it is not in the least servile or blind, but requires on the contrary the greatest freedom of spirit and the strongest discernment.”

                             -Jacques Maritain
For Reflection:

What do I think makes the virtue of obedience an exalted virtue, an eminently reasonable virtue? Why does obedience require the greatest freedom of spirit and the strongest discernment?


B1663 (I & II)

Mystical Evolution in the Development and Vitality of the Church
2 Volume Set  Imprimatur. 876 pages
John G. Arintero, OP
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Introduction  page 2-3

By means of these studies is discovered that ineffable supernatural life which animates and sustains the Church and which, in spite of the malice and sloth of men, the hostility from without and indolence, inertia, and sluggishness within, gives the Church an imperishable and autonomous existence and fills it with indescribable charm. This supernatural life conducts the Church with infallible security along the divine paths of truth and goodness while merely human societies obstinately move in the same cycle of error and vice.

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