Fishing With Jesus


“I want to go fishing sometimes. How?JesusCrownofThorns I will tell you.The most holy passion of Jesus is a sea of sorrows but, at the same time, a sea of love. Pray to God that He teach you to fish in this sea. Then dive into its depths. No matter how deep you go, you will never reach bottom.”

                         -St. Paul of the Cross

For Reflection:

How can meditation on the passion of Christ lead me into a deeper life of prayer? What “bait” can I use to “fish in this sea?” Consider the Stations of the Cross, the Crucifix, stained glass windows, the passion narratives. Which will I implement today?


Padre Pio’s Spiritual Direction for Every Day 

b1664Gianluigi Pasquale 
Pb 272 pgs
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January 6  page 4

On one occasion I had such an exquisite experience in the most secret and intimate recesses of myself that I do not know how to explain it. My soul felt His presence at first without being able to see Him. After that I would say that He came so close to my soul that I literally sensed His touch; so to speak; it was like someone holding another person very tightly.

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