ISIS Now Targeting Professional Women

IS flagIn addition to the routine kidnapping and raping of women by Islamic State (IS) jihadists in Iraq and Syria, the terror group is now targeting professional women and has reportedly killed three female lawyers since the beginning of the year.

The Daily Mail is reporting that three female lawyers have been executed by IS militants, prompting the UN to issue a warning to educated women in Iraq that they are especially at risk.

“Educated, professional women, particularly women who have run as candidates in elections for public office, seem to be particularly at risk,” said UN spokeswoman Ravina Shamdasani.

“We have received numerous other reports of women who have been executed by ISIL in Mosul and other areas under the group’s control, often immediately following sentences passed by its so-called Shariah courts,” she said.

However, the mad wrath of these cold-hearted killers is not limited to women and children. In recent weeks, two men who were accused of homosexual acts by a “court” in Mosul were thrown off the roof of a building to their deaths.

IS also recently decided that pigeon breeding was against the Islamic religion and killed three of at least 15 breeders in Iraq.

Four doctors, including one female physician, were also killed in Mosul recently after refusing to treat IS fighters.

Fifteen civilians were put to death in front of a large crowd in Fallujah on January 1 on suspicion of having cooperated with Iraqi security forces. Another 14 were murdered in Tikrit for refusing to pledge allegiance to IS.

Even more heartless was the execution of 13 teen boys who were killed after being caught watching the Asian Cup football match between Iraq and Jordan last week.

According to an anti-IS group known as Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently, the boys were rounded up and executed by a firing squad of IS fighters wielding machine guns.

Minorities aren’t the only people who are receiving “cruel and inhuman punishments” from IS members. Anyone accused of violating its “extremist interpretations of Islamic Sharia law, or for suspected disloyalty” is also being made to suffer, Shamdasani said.

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