Pope Calls Upon Copenhagan Attendees to Respect Laws of God

By Susan Brinkmann, OCDS
Staff Journalist

As leaders of the world converge upon Copenhagen to discuss climate change, Pope Benedict XVI expressed his hope that the meeting would result in policies that are “respectful of creation” and are “grounded in the dignity of the human person.”

The Catholic News Agency is reporting that after reciting the Angelus yesterday, the Pope commented on the United Nations Conference on Climate Change scheduled to convene today and expressed his hope that conference attendees will help to localize actions that are “respectful of creation and that support development, grounded in the dignity of the human person and oriented to the common good.” 

He also urged the adoption of “sober and responsible lifestyles, above all towards the poor and future generations.”

He concluded: ” . . . (T)o guarantee the full success of the conference, I invite all people of good will to respect the laws made by God in nature and rediscover the moral dimension of human life.”

Representatives from more than 170 countries will attend the conference which hopes to renew pledges made in the Kyoto protocol, which is soon to expire, and gain greater commitments from nations in regard to carbon emissions. 

The recent release of hacked e-mails showing collusion among the scientific community to hide evidence against global warming has cast a dark shadow over the event; however the impact of the scandal on the outcome of the ten day summit is uncertain at this time.

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