In Detachment


“In detachment, the spirit finds quiet and reposeSt JohnoftheCross2 for coveting nothing. Nothing wearies it by elation, and nothing oppresses it by dejection, because it stands in the center of its own humility.”

                             -St. John of the Cross



For Reflection:

Is my spirit “quiet” and “reposed?” To what extent, then, am I truly detached from the influences of the world and the flesh?


                                                        Irritations   pg 217

Give me, good Lord, a humble, lowly, quiet, peaceable, patient, charitable, kind, filial, and tender mind, every shade, in fact, of charity, with all my words, and all my works, and all my thoughts, to have a taste of Thy holy blessed Spirit.  

                                                                                         – St Thomas More

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