Do Angels Create Massage Techniques?

massage handsGD writes: “What is sacred touch therapy?  Is this new age stuff?”

Yes, indeed!

Sacred Touch Therapy is the invention of Elizabeth A. Barton, an astrologer, Reiki master, diviner, and certified massage therapist who describes how this therapy came about on her website.

“Around seven years ago, I started having encounters with Archangels through my dreams and meditation. . . Via mystical experiences and the life lessons the Angels tossed in my path, I have ended up here, opening my own healing business. . . . In this healing work, Archangel Gabriel is my main contact, although I have worked with most of the major Archangels.”

She claims this type of massage is a “clothes-on, transformational massage technique” that she developed during her 30 years of studying “various metaphysical and physical healing modalities.”

As Catholics, we know that the Archangels are involved in much more important affairs than the design of new massage techniques.

I would steer clear of this one!

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