Devil Worshipping Band Shocks Audience

Father Dwight Longenecker is reporting on a Swedish rock band that openly professes their devotion to the devil and who recently splattered their shocked audience with pig’s blood poured from the skull of a goat – and no one complained!

Citing a story that appeared on TMZ, Fr. Longenecker describes the foul antics of Watain, a black metal band that includes satanic rituals in their act. In this particular incident, splattered fans actually screamed and some even vomited, and yet no one protested the event!

This is the same band whose website proudly proclaims: “As wolves among sheep we have wandered. Ceremonial fanaticism, black mass hysteria, blood, fire and death; rock n roll as the Devil once intended.”

Fr. Longenecker says that even if the pig’s blood and goat’s skull were stage props, this is beside the point. What matters is that devil worship is being presented as entertainment.

“Why people think this sort of thing is harmless is beyond me. If it looks like devil worship. If it says it is devil worship. If it sounds like devil worship…Then guess what? It’s devil worship,” he writes on Patheos.

Not all rock and roll music is demonic, and we must rely on our discernment and common sense to tell the difference between what is music and what crosses the line into devil worship; but the faithful also need to be warned against every possibility of opening the door to Satan, Father says.

“Those who work in the deliverance ministry agree that in virtually every case of demon troubles the person has, in some way, opened the door to the dark side. The door might be heavy metal, demonic rock and roll music. It might be an obsession with violent horror movies or dark role playing fantasy games. It might be through New Age practices, fortune telling and the occult. It might be through continued addiction to porn, dark sexuality, perversion or it might simply be through pride, rebellion against God and substance abuse.

Satan is always ready to accept the invitation so if you extend it, expect him to show up.

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