Meriam Ibrahim Re-Released

meriam ibrahimThe long nightmare of a young Sudanese mother who was arrested on false charges, released earlier this week after months in prison, then re-arrested while trying to leave the country, has reportedly been released once again and may soon be leaving the country for good.

The Christian Post is reporting that Ibrahim, who was released from prison on Monday after a judge dismissed a death sentence which had been handed down as punishment for trumped up charges of apostasy and adultery, may be on her way out of the country at last. She was briefly detained at the Khartoum airport along with her husband, Daniel Wani, and their two children, by as many as 40 security agents for supposedly carrying false papers.

“They were temporarily detained for several hours over questions related to their documents,” Marie Harf, a spokeswoman for the U.S. state department told journalists, adding that Sudan had guaranteed to the U.S. that the family was now safe.

According to the BBC, Ibrahim was detained because she was using South Sudanese papers and needed to obtain a passport and exit visa prior to her release.

However, the same report speculated that this detainment may have a been a power play by the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) which frequently interjects itself into Sudanese politics and may have wanted to make a point to the Sudanese government that it was not happy about her release.

“It is also conceivable that one part of NISS accepted Mrs Ibrahim’s release, while another section was not happy with it. Mrs Ibrahim’s release and re-arrest simply underline the fact that there are many decision-makers in Sudanese politics, and they do not always agree with each other,” the BBC reported.

Ibrahim, who refused to renounce her Christian faith, was arrested while pregnant and willingly accepted her death sentence. The case sparked an international outcry which many believe led to her eventual release.

The 27-year-old mother and trained doctor is now free and will hopefully be arriving in the United States with her young family at any time.

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