Pastor Louis Giglio and Laminin

MO writes:  “I have just become aware of a preacher and author:  Louie Giglio.  What can you tell me about him?  And what about the molecule ‘laminin’ in the shape of a cross?”

Louie Giglio is not New Age but this poor man has been called everything else by the mainstream media in recent years. Let me explain.


Giglio is the preacher who was invited by President Obama to give the benediction in January of this year but had to back out after a furor erupted over a sermon he once gave in which he called homosexuality a sin. This caused the mainstream media to brand him with the usual slurs – “homophobe” and “anti-gay”, etc.

Actually, Giglio appears to be a very devoted Protestant pastor of the popular Passion City Church in downtown Atlanta and is very involved in the effort to end human trafficking.

As for the laminin you mention, this refers to something Giglio talks about in his “How Great is Our God” sermon (which has been viewed more than three million times on YouTube – see above).

Wikipedia describes laminin as a family of glycoproteins that are “an integral part of the structural scaffolding in almost every tissue of an organism.” They serve as a kind of “glue”, if you will. Defective laminin can cause problems such as muscular dystrophy and other maladies.

It just so happens, this laminin takes the form of a cross (although it looks more like a cross in illustrations than in actual photos).

Giglio’s point is obvious – our God is so great that he designed the very glue that holds us together in the form of a cross.

There is nothing New Age or heretical in this devotional explanation of laminin, or in what Pastor Giglio preaches.


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