Fighting the Rise of Motherism

children in daycareA leading child development expert is speaking out about the rise of “motherism” – a prejudice against women who stay home to raise their children.

The Daily Mail is reporting on the work of Dr. Aric Sigman who says stay-at-home moms are facing increasingly vicious attacks by people who call them lazy, stupid, unattractive, etc. Sigman says this derogatory attitude should be treated as seriously as racism and sexism.

“You should take on ‘motherism’ – the prejudice against stay-at-home mothers – a prejudice that expresses itself in derogatory clichés like: ‘You gain a baby and lose a brain’ and comments that refer to ‘schoolgate mother mentality’, or to being ‘willingly self-lobotomised’,” Dr. Sigman said at a recent Mothers at Home Matter conference in the UK.

“The implication is that by being a full-time mother you are ‘subjugated and servile’ and even sexually unattractive once you are a mother – a quality only associated with women who return to work with their high heels and clipboards.”

He continued: “Motherhood must not hide its light under a bushel. Greater maternal contact in the early years, especially during infancy, is greatly advantageous to the child. Society must be asked why this could possibly be construed as contentious.”

At the present time, experts do not agree on whether or not children are better off if raised at home or in day care centers.

But Dr Sigman, who is an associate fellow of the British Psychological SocietyThe academic, has four children of his own and says the derogatory attitude toward stay-at-home moms appears to be the result of political and economic agendas.

He’s not alone in this belief. Sally Goddard Blythe, an expert in child development at the Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology told the Mail:

“We are the only mammal that deliberately separates its young from its mother for economic and social reasons before it is physically able to fend for itself.”

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