Vatican: Medjugorje Ruling is NOT Imminent

Contrary to new rumors that the Vatican will issue its ruling about the authenticity of the apparitions at Medjugorje by the end of this month, the Vatican says it will take much longer.

The National Catholic Register put the rumors to rest yesterday during an interview with Vatican spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi who denied reports by the French magazine, La Vie, which said a ruling would be released by the end of the year.

The Vatican has been investigating the apparitions since 2010 when Pope Benedict XVI established a commission, headed by Cardinal Camillo Ruini.

The alleged visitation of the Blessed Mother to six seers began in 1981 and continue to this day.

The investigation was taken up after the local hierarchy sought help from the Vatican to investigate and tamp down the “Medjugorje phenomenon” that brings hundreds of thousands of pilgrims to the site every year.

“I have spoken with Cardinal Ruini and I can assure you that it will take longer,” Fr. Lombardi said. “Among other things, the commission must first give its opinion to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to discuss, so it’ll be a long time yet.”

The committee’s report is expected to be presented to the Holy Father by the end of December, after which time it will be examined by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith before being handed on to the pope for his final say on the matter.

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