To Serve Or Be Served?

“How are Catholic women to accomplish their providential role as spiritual mothers (with Mary) of the human race? 

  • They are to know Jesus from daily intimacy with Him in prayer
  • They are to receive Jesus by often receiving Him into their hearts
  • They are to love Jesus, by spending themselves in serving the needs of Christ’s children as they have never done before…

Love is proved by service. It is in spending ourselves for others that we mainly show our love for Our Lord…                                                                                                                                 Father John Hardon, S.J.


For Reflection:             

Reflect on the statement “Love is proved by service.” How is God asking you to show your love of Him through service (Consider the culture of the day as well as your personal circumstances.)? What one step of spiritual maternity can you take today? Perhaps right this very moment?

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