Psychic Cons Elderly Woman Out of Thousands

There’s a reason why psychics are considered some of the best con-artists in the world.

Tiffany Smith

Consider the case of 24 year-old Tiffany Crystal Smith of Hingham, Massachusetts who recently bilked a 69 year-old woman out of $7,000 in order to break a curse that was hanging over her head like “a black cloud.” Smith, who was using her psychic name of “Sophie” at the time, told the woman if she didn’t come up with $16,000 and a certain piece of jewelry her daughter would commit suicide.

Advertising herself as a clairvoyant healer, she promises clients that in just one session, “it is possible to review and release unhelpful patterns from a past life, connect with some of your angels and spirit guides, and receive a chakra balance tune-up of your channel.”

Smith, who was accused in the past of tricking a mentally handicapped child, kept up the pressure on the elderly woman by insisting that her daughter was going to commit suicide.

Assistant District Attorney, Alexander Zane, said: “Again, she just kept insisting several times that her daughter’s life should be worth $16,000 so if she didn’t get that she would kill herself. She also took out a bag and threw a red substance on her door saying that would be her daughter’s blood.”

The terrified woman was able to scrape together less than half of the money and an antique ring worth about $500. Sophie then instructed her to sell personal items, borrow the money, or bring a credit card to pay the additional $9,000 if she wanted to spare her daughter’s life. 

When she was unable to raise the rest of the money, the desperate woman told family members what was going on. Fortunately, they contacted authorities.

Smith has since been charged with Larceny Over $250 by False Pretenses, Larceny from a Person over 65, conspiracy, and other charges. She pleaded not guilty in court and her bail was set at $1,500.

Sadly, this story is too often repeated by unscrupulous psychics who prey upon the vulnerable. Aside from being a multi-million dollar industry in the U.S., it is riddled with con-artists.

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5 Response to “Psychic Cons Elderly Woman Out of Thousands

  1. Reading this article, I can relate to mistakes of my past in seeking out readings by psychics when I was in my twenties. For, me I had a some serious relationships that went wrong or had problems. As I was trying to find answers, I would spend for psychics for readings to hear answers, my future and who the right man would be in my life. One psychic wanted me to pay her each week to have special prayers completed to clear anything away so the right man could come into my life. It was a feeling like you wanted to do what she said and pay what she needed. Yet, by grace, I realized this was not the right path ever and cost was far greater than the dollars. I turned to faith and prayer and the right man came into my life. Yes, I still feel tempted for a reading, but I won’t go there.

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