What a Stay-at-Home Mom Should Earn

Even though stay-at-home moms have been taking a beating lately, a new survey by human resources consultant Salary.com says the skills required of the average woman who chooses to stay home with the kids should earn her a hefty six figure income.

Salary.com is reporting that their latest survey averaged the salaries of the top 10 “mom” jobs in which they function as everything from day-care teacher to janitor, and calculated how much they would be worth in the marketplace. 

“Stay-at-home moms work a total of 94.7 hours a week, with a 40-hour base and 54.7 hours of overtime on their mom duties. That’s good for an annual salary of $112,962, or $17.80 an hour,” the survey found.

Oddly enough, working mothers actually make less money than their stay-at-home peers. This year’s survey found that these women fetch an estimated $66,979 annually for working 40 hours plus another 17.9 hours in overtime at home. This doesn’t include the 35.7 hours they spend at their paying job which only brings them an average annual salary of $45,515.

Last year’s survey of more than 6,000 mothers came in slightly higher with an annual salary of $115,000.

“We see [Mom] as the compilation of 10 jobs in one person,” said Evilee Ebb, general manager of Salary.com to Forbes. “The breadth of Mom’s responsibilities is beyond what most workers could ever experience day-to-day. Imagine if you had to attract and retain a candidate to fill this role?”

The typical stay-at-home mom spends about 13.2 hours a day as a day-care teacher; 3.9 hours as household CEO; 7.6 hours as a psychologist; 14.1 hours as a chef; 15.4 as a housekeeper; 6.6 hours doing laundry; 9.5 hours as a PC-or-Mac operator; 10.7 hours as a facilities manager; 7.8 hours as a janitor and 7.8 hours driving the family car.

People with these skills, who are willing to work anywhere else at nearly 100 hours a week at a six figure annual rate, have every right to be considered the most valuable workers in the country.

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3 Response to “What a Stay-at-Home Mom Should Earn

  1. We all think our mom’s are priceless, thus making their annual salary as being “priceless” but in reality, 6 figures ??? No way. That is telling the rest of the real working world(outside the home) that they are valued less than stay-at-home-mom’s and that simply isn’t true.Stay-
    at-Home -Mom’s have more conveniences around them at home than the rest of us do at work and have more options than those working outside the home, i.e.,
    naps/sitting down to read while kids nap, etc.,
    6 Figures isn’t reality for a Stay-At-Home-Mom….

  2. I agree, 6 figures might be a bit high, but I would certainly go for a high 5 figure—-Most stay at home moms don’t get time to read;; not during the day anyway as there is so much work that needs to be caught up on while the children nap——laundry, grocery shopping, housekeeping chores, done when kids in school —add preparing meals, making lunches, driving kids to and from school and after school activities if they have them, church,——-I could go on and on—I know—-I had 6 children and although I did a little work outside the home I was always exhausted and the only time I got to wind down and relax was just before midnight—–my day started at 6 am and went non-stop til midni;ght and then of course when there is a new baby in the house its getting up during the night for feeds, diaper changes etc. Add to all of the above fixing your own appliances when they break down or helping kids put things together—sometimes fixing flat tires, teaching children in every situation, skills they will need for life——-and on it goes—————

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